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How To Deal With A Jealous Partner

image of woman jealously looking over her partner's shoulders while he is on the phone

Jealousy is a normal part of life. You might be jealous of a friend who receives a large raise at work, or jealous of a family member who goes on more vacations than you could ever afford. But a significant amount of jealousy in a romantic relationship is reason for concern.

If your partner is jealous, there are three steps you should take to diagnose the reason for their jealousy and work to overcome it:

Find the root of their jealousy.

Your partner needs to discover the cause of his or her jealousy. Were they cheated on by a previous lover? Do they have trust issues that stem from divorced parents? Figuring out why your partner is jealous is the first step to overcoming their jealousy and working toward a more trusting, open relationship.

If your partner’s jealousy comes from a previous indiscretion in your relationship, it’s going to be harder to overcome. You should remind your partner that they chose to forgive your mistake, and part of forgiveness means moving on and having trust in the future.

Reassure your partner.

With your partner, determine what you can do to prove that you are loyal and in love. Would they prefer more regular text updates of where you are and what you’re doing? Checking in during a big night out might help ease their nerves. Is there a co-worker or friend whose intentions they question? Introduce your partner to that person and limit the amount of time you spending talking about them around your partner.

Re-evaluate your relationship.

After you and your partner have spent some time trying to repair your relationship, it’s time to reflect on the changes you’ve made. Is your partner’s jealousy managed? Are you having fewer fights as a result of jealousy? If not, it may be time for you to call it quits. Jealousy, especially when it cannot be overcome, can ruin otherwise great relationships. If none of your efforts have reassured your partner that you are loyal, then there likely isn’t much you can do to help this situation. Though it might be difficult, you should get out of the relationship before you it becomes emotionally unbearable.

If you and your partner are able to manage their jealousy together, your relationship should be much smoother going forward. However, you should remember that this is an ongoing battle – keep reassuring your partner of your feelings and loyalty, and help them work on overcoming their jealous feelings.

A little jealousy is completely normal in an otherwise happy, healthy relationship. But there comes a point when jealousy becomes a driver for friction and it starts causing severe, upsetting fights. If you feel that your partner’s jealousy is controlling your relationship, you need to have an open, honest discussion about your concerns. If they are unwilling to admit that their jealousy is a problem, there may not be much you can do.

If you’re worried about jealousy ruining your relationship, the psychics at Absolute Soul Secrets can shed some light on your situation and help you find a solution. Give us a call today! Click on our Home Page for the phone number for your country.

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