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Venus Retrograde 2024

silhouette of a couple on a hill with planet venus behind them on a bright pink and purple background

Planet Venus Retrograde 2024 – When the Lover of the Zodiac Goes Quiet

In astrology, Venus is the planet of love, relationships, beauty, the arts, cooperation, and money, and changes sign every month or so. This planet is also known as the ‘Morning Star’ or the ‘Evening Star’ as it is the brightest ‘star like’ object in the sky, especially around dawn and dusk. Venus retrograde 2024 will not happen as it goes retrograde approximately every 18 months.

In 2023, Venus was retrograde in Fixed sign Leo and the next Venus retrograde occurs March 1 to April 12, 2025 in Cardinal sign Aries and Mutable sign Pisces. Consequently signs most affected by this retrograde will be Cardinal signs Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn and Mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

When any planet goes through a retrograde motion there is also a ‘shadow period’ commencing a few weeks before and after these dates. Venus has an affinity with the feminine yin energy, and when retrograde, emotional and financial issues, especially in relationships, can arise for some people. For others, it just means the changes are internalised, and you may need to find a different way of dealing with the retrograde energy.

Emotional and Physical Transformation

Venus Retrograde 2025 brings emotional and spiritual transformation… like it or not! We get to rethink our Relationships – what works and what doesn’t. The Morning Star wants everyone to make spiritual and emotional changes in your life. So get ready for deep and meaningfuls with your significant other about deeper things. Although this planet loves peace and harmony, if you’ve been holding anything back – she won’t be able to put up with any unfairness, manipulation or lack of affection.

spring, summer, autumn and winter as beautiful colourful trees pink, green, orange and white

REALationships Built on REALity

Although it may take some time, there could be an ultimate upside to your finances, relationships or living conditions due to the effects of Venus Retrograde. This planet wants you to grow up and be independent while still being in a relationship, and she loves relationships built on equality, not dependency. The purpose of this time is to encourage your adult maturity through emotional growth, which has real passionate consequences. Sometimes growing pains come with that growth but remember those growing pains are only for a time as you grow into your new skin.

You may also relocate, deal in real estate, start a new business, or change plans in an existing business. Existing relationships may deepen by having a baby, moving in together, or renewing vows after Venus Retrograde. You may also beautify your home or work area by redecorating or renovating. It may seem in the retrograde that you are going backwards in some way, but this is actually to clear the way so that you can move forwards!

Evening Star Love & Morning Star Arguments

It’s quite intriguing that Libra and Taurus who are ruled by Venus, adore peace and harmony, and yet they can still find themselves in arguments. Peace-loving Librans and Taureans would rather have everything smooth sailing, but when something really clashes with their core beliefs or values, they won’t shy away from standing their ground. Taurus, for all its chill vibes, can get pretty stubborn when pushed, especially about things they deeply care about. And Libra, the harmony-seeker, won’t hesitate to voice out against injustice or when fairness goes out the window. It’s as if Libra has this inner warrior that sparks up when their principles are on the line, even though they’d rather have everything serene.

The concept of Venus as the Morning Star and the Evening Star, each associated with different qualities, traces back to ancient civilizations observing the planet’s movements. As the Morning Star rises before dawn, it is linked historically with conflicts, wars, and disputes, possibly due to its appearance in the sky during times of tension. Conversely, as the Evening Star appears after sunset, symbolising harmony, love, and sensuality because of its visibility during peaceful, romantic evenings. These associations go back to ancient Mesopotamian and Babylonian civilizations, around 3000 BCE, where celestial observations formed the basis of mythology and early astrology, influencing interpretations of planetary movements, including Venus’s dual role as the Morning and Evening Star.

Share Your Feelings

If you haven’t been dealing with your own feelings, say you’ve been trying to stuff them down into your body, they could come up like a volcano, so you will need to find an appropriately healthy way to let them out. Stress held down in your body, could eventually cause ill health. So do try movement such as dance or walking, writing in a journal, doing some breath work, cry, scream or talk to a trusted confidante. Give us a call for a psychic reading if you want to talk.

Old Lovers from the Past

Under Venus Retrograde, sometimes old lovers from the past can return if all the issues are not resolved. Before you go rushing into old love affairs, remember why that person is an Ex!  Go slow because sometimes, if you get back with an Ex during a retrograde, the relationship could dramatically change when this planet turns direct. People do sometimes change their minds when the Morning/Evening Star moves forward again. So do be conscious of underlying patterns if an Ex returns especially when this planet is retrograde.

Review Your Finances

During Venus Retrograde, it’s an excellent time to review your finances and business plans. There may not necessarily be any issues, but it’s good to check where you’re at financially anyway. It’s not a good time to invest your hard earned $$$ when Venus is retrograde, as investments could lose value when this planet turns direct again. The only possible exceptions to this may be beautiful objects of art or perhaps jewellery. The Morning and Evening Star does like attractive investments that last for a long time.

If you have a business, you may review your business structure and strategy.

Venus Retrograde gives us the opportunity of reviewing, reflecting, and reassessing our relationships, our finances, and business opportunities. We can then tweak our future direction to make real physical gains.

a doodle of words and symbols for love and peace in pink, green and purple

2024 is a Favourable Time for Love, Compromise & Peace

During Venus retrograde in Leo in 2023, many of us may have revisited past romantic themes and reassessed creative pursuits with a focus on self-expression and passion. Old relationships and nostalgic memories could have been a strong focus, bringing up unfinished business from the past.

In 2024, Venus keeps moving forward without any retrograde episodes. There’s more smooth sailing in the areas Venus influence – like love, relationships, money decisions, and creativity. With Venus cruising ahead, things might feel less complicated, making it easier to express feelings and navigate relationships. It’s an ideal time when things could feel steady and more predictable, giving us a chance to work on making our connections and personal lives even better without too many hiccups from Venus’ side. Harmony and beauty becomes more important now and people become more amorous and friendly generally speaking.

It’s a positive sign for compromise, world peace and personal peace. There’s an underlying call for calm so take advantage of this and foster peace within yourself.

In 2025 Venus resumes its retrograde in the zodiac signs of Pisces and Aries, it could be much more of an emotional time and we may also be quite impulsive at times. During Venus retrograde in Pisces, emotions intensify, urging introspection in relationships, while in Aries, expect impulsive decisions and reevaluation of personal desires, igniting a need for independence and freedom in matters of the heart. Some could be quite overwhelmed by emotions, so being grounded and practical will assist. Valuable lessons may be learnt now so do take advantage of this period.

Many Blessings!

Psychic Astrologer Rose Smith 🙂

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