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Psychic Email Readings

September 11 Part 1

image of new york city with a beaming light coming from the world trade centre memorial

On the night in question, I went to bed early which is unusual for me. Normally I stay up until midnight, but this particular night I felt tired and somehow a bit off, so off I went. As I crawled under the welcoming covers, my husband, Tony was already asleep and lay quietly next to me. I could hear his slow rhythmic breathing as I drifted slowly off to the peacefulness of sleep. Little did I know what then awaited me in the darkest of nights.

During the course of my dreaming, I began to feel agitated and anxious. I was dreaming about the end of the world, there were tidal waves and earthquakes and many people were being killed as buildings fell. I’ve had these end-of-world dreams many times before over the past 30 years. One such example is a reccurring dream I have, of a huge tidal wave coming through the heads of Sydney Harbour and this is a regular disaster theme many other people have also experienced.

During my lucid dreaming state, I was aware of many possible meanings of symbolic disaster dreams, consequently I wasn’t overly concerned at first. I was also aware I was an observer and felt completely safe, thinking it was just another ending with a new beginning around the corner. Even though I was dreaming, I thought a new project, perhaps something exciting, was about to enter my life. I had been bored of late and was looking for something new to embark upon.

I couldn’t remember how this dream started, where I was or what I was doing. I do remember the feeling of complete and utter helplessness accompanied by being unable to move as I watched floors in buildings concertina down like paper fluttering in the breeze, crushing people between them. I then realised that this particular dream had taken on a different flavour to my usual symbolic disaster dreams. There was far more detail, I could hear the people screaming and the effect was overwhelming. I felt no longer safe as the observer.

Although I was somehow suspended in the sky watching all of this, I felt inexplicably part of the scene, being drawn in further and further into a vortex of horror. Somehow all of this became extremely relevant. Instantly the agitation modified itself into full-blown fear and terror. I then remember as clear as day, I was back in my bed and a vision appeared of three uniformed firefighters standing there in my bedroom. They had the most terrified looks upon their faces, which were contorted in agony. As I looked upwards from their dirt splattered uniforms, I followed the terrified lines of their faces and I then saw what appeared to be steel staunchons stuck right through the middle of their shiny helmets.

I screamed in terror and woke myself, and my husband. “What’s wrong” Tony demanded in shock. I replied “There’s three firemen with steel staunchons right through their heads standing here”. After some time, my husband managed to calm me down and kept saying “It’s only a dream, go to sleep”. I couldn’t sleep and was very restless, tossing and turning as I kept seeing the vision over and over again. In order to get the firemen to leave my bedroom, I tried talking to them, but I couldn’t hear what they were saying. They were incoherent and yelling and there was indescribable background noise. I couldn’t make out exactly what was going on. It was chaotic and I think even the firemen didn’t know what had actually happened. Eventually I calmed myself by telling the firemen to leave and return to infinite beingness. I fell asleep sometime after 4:00am.

At 8:00am, my phone rang blaringly, shocking me back into wakefulness. It was Tony. He had gone to work early without waking me, seeing I had such a rough night. He blurted out “Thousands of people have been killed, the World Trade Centre has collapsed. A lot of firemen have died”. Of course, I already knew they had died, I just didn’t realise at the time it was in physical reality. This was not just symbolically true as I had originally thought. As I have had premonitions before and am a practising psychic, I also thought this experience could be a premonition of an event to come such as an earthquake which could strike somewhere in the next couple of months. I hadn’t come to terms with the full-blown reality of the terrorist attack.

Tony’s phone call came as a shock. The next night would prove even more shocking. As the day unfolded, I was filled with a sense of dread, not knowing what would happen next and somehow suspecting I would be more involved that I already was.

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Rose Smith
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