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How Lightning Influences us Spiritually

image of lightning striking over a beautiful city

Get Back Your Personal Power and Unlock Your Emotions!

I want to talk about lightning…because there is so much of it about lately with severe weather from global warming.

I was watching a storm last night (Saturday 3rd December) and posted some pics of lightning on Facebook. Then I started thinking about what lightning actually means in terms of spirituality because everything that happens in the external world happens in the interior world.

What is lightning representative of in the Spirit world?

More storms and severe weather from global warming resulting in more lightning. Hot air rising colliding with cold ice crystals creates static…this is a form of creation. A flow of electrons creates lightning which may flow to other clouds or down to Earth. If we want to manifest something, the flow of Spirit must be grounded in practical reality i.e. Earth.

As above so below…we are made in the image of God and lightning is God’s force flowing through us, albeit to a much lesser extent than storm lightning.

Emotions are related to water, both ‘hot’ and ‘cold’.

When different emotions collide, there is a pathway for Spirit to come more forcefully into our lives. This is a very necessary element of manifestation or creation. Fire and lightning are symbolic of Spirit e.g. Ark of the Covenant and Moses and the burning bush. Releasing repressed emotions will give rise to more personal power allowing us to manifest creation and action.

So I was thinking about hot air rising meeting cold air and what actually happens. When they both connect, warm water droplets collide with cold ice crystals and produce static. This static builds up and a flow of electrons is finally released as lightning, some of which hits the ground which is neutral. A positive electron is drawn to a negative electron and vice versa, but sometimes the ground is closer and so the lightning will hit ground.

Thinking about this in Spiritual terms – as above so below.

How Spirit Is = How the Earth Is = How We Are

We are a mirror image of Spirit. God made man…and woman…in their image.

So back to lightning, it is well known that emotions are considered to be ‘watery’. The warm water droplets are like ‘hot emotions’ very fluid-like e.g. anger and the cold water crystals are ‘cold’ emotions such as depression, as there’s not much accessible energy available for utilisation.

People with depression, don’t have much energy available to do things. When a person has large pent-up reserves of accessible anger and energies of depression, there is a large potential difference or charge that builds up just like lightning. This could happen with any emotions that oppose each other, e.g. when we are in two minds about something.

It is true that opposites attract, so often we will meet people that are opposite to us in some way. Their energy coming into our lives will create a large potential differential. It is this difference that will release these pent-up emotions out of our subconscious and sometimes we even get a physical sensation when something monumental and unexpected happens hence the saying “struck by lightning”.

Fire and lightning are also in the realms of the spiritual world. Often in literature the “Holy Spirit” has been referred to as lightning or fire e.g. Cherubim Angels on the lid of the Ark of the Covenant (the Ark is in our hearts causing the electrical spark that keeps us alive), when their wings touched they produce lightning. Interestingly the Cherubim often have faces of children, so this is a clue that it is our inner child that helps create the path for Spirit to come through us.

Another example of spiritual lightning is the biblical story of Moses and the burning bush… Moses was sitting under a tree falling asleep. He was looking down at his chest as the violet flame of purification burned brightly in his heart. As he was half asleep, he saw the flames in his chest through masses of curly grey hair…he sported quite a large rug actually. The burning he felt and saw was the Violet Flame of the Holy Spirit. This is the true origin of the biblical story of God speaking to Moses in the burning bush…I know because I saw it in Spirit.

Back to lighting, so in order to get more personal power in our lives, we should be looking to unlock our emotions. When we can appropriately express emotions, rather than pushing them down into the Earth which is actually our physical body and when we can unlock our feelings and allow a potential difference to emerge with another person, we allow a path for the Holy Spirit to come flooding into our lives like lightning.

Of course, Spirit can also be destructive resulting in a life detox cleanout, but sometimes destruction must take place before new creation can be born. Channelling the lightning of Spirit will also give rise to life giving rains of emotions…we need these to experience being fully human. These emotions that are a vehicle for the lightning of inspiration to flow through us giving us more energy to take action and manifest creation in our lives.

Please watch the video below I posted on Facebook Monday 5th December 2016 about my revelations about how the weather reminds us to connect with ourselves spiritually. Don’t forget to turn up the volume!

Rose Smith
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