5 Tips to Deal With Bullies

5 Tips to Deal with Bullies

Get your power back with these 5 Tips to Deal with Bullies

Let’s stop calling it bullying and refer to it for what it is… abuse and harassment! The term ‘bully’ is often used in a derogatory way and not always considered ‘real’. That bullying is more about ‘perception’. Understand our perception is everything… our world, where we resonate from.

In many parts of our lives we encounter bullies. The areas I find as a spiritual life coach include the workplace, relationships, family and friends. My clients have found my 5 tips to Deal with Bullies really helpful.

What is Bullying?

Bullying can take many forms, Physical, Online, Emotional, Verbal and all forms of intimidation. There are also many forms of subtle bullying like exclusion, being rude, looks and spreading rumours.

People are affected in many ways. For some there is guilt because they wonder how they are contributing to it. Why is this happening? Am I being over sensitive? Often, we feel embarrassed that we have found ourselves in this situation.

How Bullying Affects Our Mind, Body and Soul

Bullying can also have a direct impact on our mind, body, soul and spirit. We also can feel depressed that we can’t change the situation, as well as being stressed and confused. Bullies want us to feel unsafe and scared to talk about it.

When bullying occurs in the workplace, it’s common to feel stuck or the situation feels hopeless. The hard truth is that when we speak out against a bully, it may have a negative impact on our work and income. So, in realistic terms most of us don’t want to put our income in jeopardy.

For the most part, many of you reading this will be Empaths. You will pick up on other people’s negative thoughts, deeds and actions. You will have a strong desire to understand the bully. Or attempt to bring some reason or rationale, in an attempt to work it out yourself.

Bullies Thrive On Control of Others

The reasons bullies thrive on control of others vary. Generally, it is a suppression of their own frustration or angst. They are not self-aware and are the opposite of Empaths. So, it is difficult to both communicate and have them understand your point of view. They need help. However, there is never any excuse for bullying and we are doing everyone a favour by not accepting it.

Bullies are people who suffer with low self-esteem while at the same time displaying narcissistic behaviour. This insight allows us to diffuse the situation. By being positive about them and around them. This allows you to take the time needed to make your best decision when confronted with a bully in the workplace.

You don’t have to stay just to prove a point. If you are in a toxic environment, it is always worthwhile to leave once you’ve explored your options. In some cases, you may be able to move to another department or office.

5 Tips to Deal with Bullies

  1. Remember this is their problem not yours.

Don’t allow their problems to become yours. Give them back right now! Lift that weight off your shoulders. Self-care is important and something you need to practise now. If you need help in doing this, book an accurate psychic reading with one of our talented psychics at Absolute Soul Secrets.

  1. Know your Tribe.

This means it’s important to find support. Like-minded people who will listen to you. This can be difficult at work. It’s important that you reach out to friends, counsellors and find insight and guidance from an empathetic spiritual coach.

  1. Practice Your Physical Reaction to Bullies

When we are confronted by a bully, often we have a physical reaction. Our breathing changes, we become anxious and often we can’t respond. It’s when we walk away and upon reflection we have our ‘comeback’. Spend some time going over a sensible and appropriate response next time you find yourself in a bullying situation. It’s important to remain mindful. Practising guided meditation will help you as well.

  1. Prepare to Stand Up for Yourself – No Rush

Think things through clearly and take the time to work out your path and best response to the situation. Take time to put things into perspective. It can also help to write things down. You are preparing to stand up for yourself and make a statement for what you want.

  1. Stay Strong

You are experiencing this as part of your soul journey. This is where we honour the importance of how we desire to be treated. It is important to correct the bully. The aim is to give no reward to the bully for their behaviour and actions. Don’t allow them to drain your battery like an app on your smart phone. There is no need for confrontation. Simply state what you aren’t on board with.

Bullying is a serious issue and it’s a very common problem in all aspects of society. Remember, it’s not about your ‘feelings’. It’s about what is wrong. It’s not necessary to bring up your feelings when discussing it in an honest straightforward manner. Being honest will always disarm a bully. And so too will these 5 tips to deal with bullies. If you want more tips to deal with a bully, then give us a call at Absolute Soul Secrets for a psychic reading.

Author: Psychic Gertrude