How to be an Awesome Psychic Naturally for Life

image of an every day woman who has psychic abilities

It’s important to be awesome! It’s even better to be an awesome psychic!

But what exceeds both these expectations is to be an awesome psychic naturally without the influence of drugs or other extraneous factors. Once you learn how to access your psychic abilities naturally, you won’t look back.

How to Be an Awesome Psychic

To keep your energy clear so that you can improve your psychic ability (and your awesomeness!)…

  1. Live clean, eat clean, drink clean and think clean. Yes, ‘clean’ does make a difference! You are what you eat and drink’, so only put the best into the Temple of your Spirit – your body. Treat the world around you as well as yourself with the utmost respect so think clean. Don’t allow polluted thoughts to cloud your knowing and your mental clarity.
  2. Develop your relationship with nature, whether taking long walks out in bushland or on the beach. If you live in a city then go to a local park… anywhere where nature abounds. Mother Earth is your friend so learn to understand and work with her. Her immense power will help open your chakras and fill you with life force. Plant a tree and enjoy her energy for years to come.
  3. Practise, practise, practise meditation. There are different types of meditation so find one that suits you. From mindfulness to trancelike states and everything in between. If you think you don’t have time to meditate and clear your mind, you can always turn simple daily tasks into meditative states. Having a shower, washing up and anything to do with water will allow you to use your imagination without the hindrance of cognitive thought. You can start with imagination to gradually clear your mind. Imagine a waterfall is washing all the thoughts away until your mind is clear. The goal is to make your mind a blank slate so spiritual impressions can then be received easily and without effort. Just relax and it will happen naturally. Pay attention and don’t judge what you receive. Write everything down so you don’t forget and so you can see what works and what doesn’t.
  4. Develop a wholesome intention. Becoming aware and setting a good intention is a great starting point. Really think about what you want to achieve by developing your psychic ability.

Ask Yourself Questions Like…

  • What is the real reason I want to be psychic?
  • How much time can I devote to practise?
  • Can I financially support myself if I decide to practise fulltime?
  • Is development of my psychic ability my true heart’s desire?
  • Am I prepared to do self development work (and lots of it) on myself to achieve my target?
  • Am I prepared to pay for psychic development training?

Only you can answer these questions…

There is No Room for Ego…

Another very important consideration is ego… yes we all have one and an ego serves a very important purpose, but it must be kept in balance. The ego boundary keeps unacceptable contents in the subconscious so that we are not overwhelmed with emotional and spiritual energy from the past, present and future. We would not be able to function if we were completely overwhelmed by subconscious contents. Developing your psychic ability naturally keeps the ego largely intact so that we only get what we can cope with. Holes in the ego (sometimes caused by excessive trauma, alcohol and drug use) allow anything and everything to come up all at once, which is very difficult to deal with.

Natural psychic development gives you the freedom of choice to learn and grow at your own rate without internal pressure stressing you to make inappropriate life decisions. You will then be able to traverse the ego boundary into your subconscious and beyond at will. You will be able to deal with anything you come across regardless of how ‘off the wall’ it seems. The light and the dark will both become learning experiences that you grow from rather than you fear. You can make friends with all your energy and then bring that energy into your conscious awareness so you have control of it – it does not have control of you. Darkness loses its power when you bring the light of your conscious awareness and shine in the dark. Then everything becomes light and you are the centre of that light.

As you develop yourself psychically and naturally, you will become aware of the true nature of reality. Many other dimensions will show themselves and you will discover that time is a human construct here on Earth. Did you know that colours have music? Did you know there are choirs of Angels who sing the most beautiful songs? Did you know that you literally have thousands of past lives, including animal and human on this planet and in other dimensions? All these things and more you will discover as you develop your own natural psychic ability.

Sharing your Psychic Gifts can Benefit You Too…

You can improve your health, wealth and happiness by becoming more psychic and living your life in balance. There are so many benefits in fact, if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and go for it!

Being psychic now days is not a crime, you won’t be tortured or gaoled (at least in western countries). If other people don’t like it, you will discover ways to deal with the situation. If developing psychic ability is your true heart’s desire, then take a step forward and begin. I encourage you to be all you can be and to strive to reach your full potential regardless of the views of others.

Will you join me on this magical and very important life journey? You will be irrevocably changed, you will grow and you will finally come to know yourself at the deepest of levels. Your Soul’s life mission will become clear and you will develop a clarity about your real purpose that you have never known before.


Author: Rose Smith