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Why Do I Keep Attracting the Wrong Partners?

image of woman disappointed in her partner

“What you seek is seeking you” – Rumi

Some of you will look at the quote above by Rumi and wonder how this is true? Truth is, the person you think is the wrong partner, might just be the person who teaches you more about yourself than you ever thought possible.

In some cases the wrong partner might be meant to be in your life for a particular time – long enough for you to learn and understand what you need in a relationship, long enough for you to learn that the wrong partner may be the turning point or catalyst for you drawing your line in the sand on bad relationships once and for all, allowing you to realise that you do deserve better than what this so called wrong partner can offer you, and that you would be better off alone than spending your time and energy on someone who is not in the relationship for all the right reasons, or worse still…… not even relationship ready themselves!

The professional and talented phone psychics available at Absolute Soul Secrets can help point you in the right direction when it comes to all areas of your life, especially when you feel you keep attracting the wrong partner. If you are repeating certain relationship mistakes over and over again, you may need some insight as to the real cause this is happening. You may need to release some old hurts, or beliefs that no longer support your current circumstances, nor be supportive towards the new direction or outlook you may be searching for in your life.

Bottom line, if you keep attracting the wrong partner, take a look at your own actions. Are you allowing these people into your life because you are lonely and choose to settle for the sake of settling? Do you rush into new relationships because you feel a relationship will make you happy? Do you have a poor opinion of yourself and what you deserve in life – possibly because of difficult relationships from your past or previous conditioning that you may not be enough?

Take charge of who you are and who you allow into your life and your future for that matter. You may need some support with your self-esteem, or learn new ways to love yourself again. Once again you can find all the spiritual guidance and support you need in all of these areas in an uplifting and accurate psychic phone reading. Your psychic reading will also generate healing energy around areas that you may find repetitive, blocked or in some cases you may feel that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I can assure you there is. Get the clarity you need in these areas and consider giving one of our trusted psychics a call. Start to enjoy your new direction to a fulfilling and loving relationship.

Realising that unless you love yourself, that you will not allow anyone else to love you is very important. Not allowing anyone else to love you doesn’t mean you never enter into a new relationship, it usually means there will be repetitive problems and issues with your partners until this area of self-love has been addressed and worked on.

You may be surrounded by suitable candidates in the relationship stakes, but if you don’t love yourself, the relationship will shrivel in time and come to another painful end. Leaving you hurt and confused once again.

Learn to do things for yourself that you enjoy. Stop getting side tracked by other’s wants and needs all the time. You automatically forgo your wants and needs when constantly catering to others. You begin to lose a sense of who you are when you are busy trying to please a partner who you aren’t sure is the right person for you in the first place.

The clearer you can be with yourself as to what you want in a partner is half the battle won. You can make this list in bullet point form to begin with and then shape it out into positive affirmations once you are happy with your list. Don’t just spend your time on what you are wanting now, also think about what you want from your partner in the future, what type of person you want when life is challenging – do you want someone nurturing and supportive or someone that high tails it out the door the minute things get tough? Also include the beautiful things you want to enjoy in life, great communication, emotional availability, someone who is relationship ready and not currently married or in another relationship – these three way relationships often end with one or more (usually all three) hurt and disappointed

Shaping your desires and requirements into affirmations is quite simple. If you have problems thinking about what you do want in your life – a shortcut that will do for the time being is to write the exact opposite of what you don’t want. Unfortunately some of us have been through enough difficult relationships that we are now more aware of what we don’t want in our lives over what we truly desire. That is ok. You will get better in understanding that you are deserving of these beautiful relationship qualities as your relationship with yourself improves.

Once you have a rough idea of what your list entails, you can simply add one or more of your relationship requirements to the following: “I am grateful for the fact that”…………my partner is loving and supportive. I am grateful for the fact that my partner is exciting and fun to be around. Don’t be shy what you put on your list. Your list is for your eyes only, it is just there to help you get your energy aligned with what you are wanting in your life rather than attracting the wrong type of partner over and over again.

We will often repeat the same mistakes over and over until we take charge and do something different to change. Take your time in this process, you want to be making choices that are supportive to the change that you want to see. Whether you are in a relationship or not, remind yourself to lead by example and be the change that you want to see. Be clear with your boundaries, and most of all be true to yourself. If you feel like you are repeating similar experiences to the ones that have caused you hurt and confusion in the past, chance is you probably are. Don’t be afraid to step to the side and take stock of what you have versus what you want. Be brave and allow the right person to come into your life. Make peace with your past and put your best foot forward in being the best person you can possibly be. You will thank yourself for it in the future.

Rose Smith
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