Life After Divorce

image of woman upset about the prospect of divorce with her husband

A close friend said to me after my divorce, ‘Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life’.

To be honest with all the turmoil that was going on for me at the time, I felt slightly overwhelmed by this comment to start with. I didn’t really know how to think about the rest of my life, while I was trying to understand and acknowledge the finality of what was and what would no longer be.

The more I thought about this statement, the more I started to see it from a different perspective. I thought about what I could start doing to try and get my life back on track, to feel secure in my own choices and decisions. I found it difficult to find direction, to set new goals, considering I had previously set goals in my now failed marriage, I was rather hesitant to set any more.

I made a choice one morning to have a phone psychic reading. I booked an accurate psychic reading with one of Absolute Soul Secrets psychic tarot readers. The psychic was able to tap into difficulties I had recently endured in my past, giving me ideas as to what I could do to start healing, learning to love myself again and become confident and peaceful in my own skin in time.

As I slowly but surely made progression in the areas that the psychic had suggested I started to see things more clearly. I began to feel more positive about life, started to slowly trust in and enjoy my own company. Don’t get me wrong, I was in the process of grief and healing. I made an activity box that held positive activities to get busy with when my mind was trying to overthink things, the activity box also held positive affirmations and dreams that I wanted to start working on for myself personally.

Checking my free horoscopes daily allowed me to be prepared with the knowledge of what to expect for the day. Upcoming opportunities such as new and interesting people I should watch out for or at least be prepared for. Career information, exciting events and alike were brought to my attention through my daily horoscope. When you are going through an experience such as divorce, it can be very easy to not notice simple everyday things because your thoughts are often elsewhere. I found this a great way to stay focused and on track with my new life, staying alert and inspired.

Looking back now one of the things I enjoyed the most was getting to know myself again. I would take long walks on the beach, sometimes I would cry, other times I would just take in the beauty of my surroundings, collecting shells and feathers as I walked for hours. It is true that the healing process can be quite painful, I know that it is also essential! Emotions are not meant to be suppressed. They come to the surface as they are ready to be acknowledged, accepted and released. Once again I found the accurate phone psychics available at Absolute Soul Secrets were full of information that resonated with me and through their support and guidance I was able to take full advantage of the healing process. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life dwelling on what if’s, feeling confused, depressed and bitter.

As tempting as it can be to want to know what your ex might now be doing in their life, you are better off to gradually learn ways to forgive and let go. That is often much easier said than done, believe me. I must say I wasn’t really interested in what my ex was doing, I was more inclined at that time to feel angry, confused, hurt etc etc. I could easily begin to overthink things, dig up old hurtful memories and start dissecting things that no longer really mattered in my life. It is good to acknowledge where your emotions are coming from, because that process diminishes the hurt over time, and gives you a better understanding of why you react the way you do to such experiences.

The good news is that you will get through this. How you feel when you come out the other side will depend on the choices you make while going through this experience. Below is a list of things you can do that will not only allow you to heal and feel better about yourself and your life, but also bring new and exciting people and experiences into your life.

Most of us are not really interested in starting a new relationship while we are licking our wounds from divorce, (I know I stayed single by choice for four years, but I also had a lot of healing to do after 18 years of marriage to a very abusive husband!) but there will be a time in your life that new relationship opportunities will present, and I say you are better to be as healed and relationship ready as you possibly can as Universal Law states that we attract what we are putting out.


  1. Take time to recover – divorce is a very draining experience, recovery and recharge is important.
  2. Allow healing and forgiveness to take place in time.
  3. Talk with friends and family you can trust, or get a non judgemental and supportive psychic phone reading for clarity and understanding of your new direction.
  4. Be kind and patient with yourself.
  5. Find positive activities to lift your spirits and take your mind off the difficult time you have experienced.
  6. Surround yourself with positive and likeminded people.
  7. Take control over your life and gradually learn to trust in yourself again and make new dreams and goals.

Remember if you need some help to get started with your new life, or confirmation that you are indeed on the right track, contact Absolute Soul Secrets for a live psychic phone reading today.

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