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Mars Retrograde 2024


beautiful woman with wings representing action for the planet mars

Mars Retrograde 2024 in Zodiac Signs Leo and Cancer

Mars is the planet of war, aggression, force, action, energy, and masculinity. In astrology, the planet Mars transitions into different signs every six or seven weeks. The planet Mars also goes retrograde every two years usually for about 2 – 2.5 months. Mars retrograde 2024 is in Leo and Cancer from December 7, 2024, to February 24, 2025.

Mars Retrograde 2024 in the Zodiac Signs of Leo and Cancer

During this planetary retrograde, there could be more arguments and forceful communications than usual. Alternatively, you could internalise your feelings, sitting on your anger or frustration and generally not allow your feelings to show to the outside world. During this retrograde, it could be quite an emotional time whether you suppress those emotions or vent them to the outside world.

There is also a ‘shadow period’ commencing a few weeks before and after these dates. Mars has an affinity with the masculine yang energy, and things can get tense when Mars is retrograde. These masculine energies can play up, strut about, and generally show how big and powerful they are. In astrology, we often see these Martian forces manifested in the actions of leaders, both in national politics and corporate governance.

At the very least, astrologically speaking, these planetary movements induce internalised changes. You may need to find a different way of dealing with difficult people during the retrograde period. Many people are affected to some extent, but you could be more strongly affected if you have the following planets in your chart:

Cardinal Signs | Aries (especially as Mars rules Aries), Cancer, Libra or Capricorn

Fixed Signs | Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius

The Effects of Mars Retrograde 2024 in Leo and Cancer

Relationships and Your Sex Life

Under Mars Retrograde 2024, there may be changes regarding your sex drive! Either things go quiet, or there’s too much passion on offer! Your thinking could become confused or muddled on intimate matters, and it could be ‘feast or famine’. Maybe you just feel uncertain?

It’s not the best time to sleepwalk into something. Perhaps the other party is pressing you with passionate desires? Be assertive and stand your ground while respecting the other person.

If in doubt, slow things down or stop and remember that the relationship could dramatically change when Mars turns direct. People do change their minds sometimes when planets move forward again.

When Mars and Venus both are both in retrograde motion at the same time, it can be very full on sexually and emotionally. However in 2024 Venus will not turn retrograde as it only retrogrades every 18 months or so. Next Venus retrograde is from March 1 to April 12, 2025 in Aries and Pisces.

Simultaneously retrograde in 2024 are both Mars and Mercury which can make for a time of intense misunderstandings and miscommunications, especially regarding relationships. It’s like a cosmic double take on how we express ourselves, our ambitions and our beliefs about or in relationships.

Mars retrograde nudges us to rethink our actions and desires. In Leo, it’s about self-expression and confidence, while in Cancer, it’s more about our emotional security and family bonds.

Together at the End of Year – Mercury and Mars Retrograde 2024

Meanwhile, Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius messes with communication and beliefs. Sagittarius loves exploring ideas and beliefs, so it’s a time for a rethink on what we think and how we express it.

Put these together, and it’s a bit of a whirlwind. You might find yourself reassessing your goals, how you speak your mind, and even your beliefs. Expect hiccups in communication, potential misunderstandings, and delays in plans.

This astrological placement combo gives us a chance to dive deep into our emotions, ambitions, and beliefs. It’s a time for introspection, a chance to align what we want with what we truly believe and feel. Just take it easy, stay flexible, and be ready for some cosmic introspection!

3 images a sign action changes things, women caring for each other and a sign showing self care time in front of a clock

Mars is a Planet of Action

Mars in Leo and Cancer can cause us to act on our fiery motivations and watery emotions. However when it becomes retrograde, then actions and emotions are more internalised. We may think and feel but not necessarily do anything about a situation at that point. There may not be a physical manifestation then.  It’s time to reflect, review and reassess the situation when Mars is in the retrograde zone. However later astrological placements may spur us into action and the situation might change quite quickly.

Mars retrograde motion can slow down the energy, which isn’t a bad thing as it gives us more time to deal with life’s challenges. This could mean overthinking almost anything and problems sleeping or relaxing. It might seem as though you just can’t turn off your mind or you have little physical energy.

Be ‘Present’

If you experience the presence of Mars Retrograde as life slowing down, it may be that you feel less powerful. Or it may feel difficult to assert yourself in a certain situation. Unconscious energies could be expressed as ‘peevishness’ or perhaps ‘frustrated desire’. Do watch for unnecessary arguments, impatience and accidents. When Mars goes retrograde, it’s very important to be totally present in the physical world by paying attention now and not rush ahead over-thinking the future. Also, be cautious with knives as Mars is associated with sharp, cutting objects. It’s not the best time to have surgery including cosmetic surgery during Mars retrograde.

Unresolved Conflicts

If you haven’t been dealing with unresolved conflicts, they could burst forward now into the open for release. Your inner child or any children around you may also become more difficult during 2024 Mars Retrograde. If you become aware of a smouldering emotional volcano,  you will need to find a healthy way to deal with this. Stress held down in your body, could eventually cause ill health, so do try movement such as dance or walking, writing in a journal, breath work, cry, scream or talk to a trusted confidante. Give us a call for a psychic reading if you want to talk. On the upside, these challenges and growth assist your spiritual development.

Self Care Is the Answer!

During Mars Retrograde, take special care of yourself and your family. It’s probably time to slow down in some way or not take on any additional responsibility or work at this time. Do practise being mindful and pay attention to where your body is in space. This is called ‘proprioception’, and it basically relates to awareness of your physical body in space. This awareness will help you to avoid potential accidents and incidents.

If you feel unmotivated or depressed, firstly, know this time will not last forever… it’s only about 10 weeks. Rearrange your life to do less during this time if you can. Clear away any duties, additional things, or people that suck up your energy. Avoid energy vampires and take care of yourself! Spend time alone in nature to rejuvenate and treat yourself to special things. See if you can find a good tonic or use Australian Bush Flower essences for a ‘pick me up’ to help restore your energy levels. You should always consult a medical professional if you feel off or out of kilter for a long period of time.

Use this time to reassess your life and make suitable changes in 2024!

All the best,

Rose Smith, Psychic Astrologer 🙂

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