Leo Horoscope 2024

Leo 2024 Horoscope: Embrace Your Feminine Energy and New Beginnings

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Leo Horoscope 2024 ( JULY 23RD – AUGUST 22ND )

Your Ruler the Sun & Eclipses in 2024

Your ruling ‘planet’ the Sun is the equal masculine counterpart to the feminine Moon. Consequently, you are quite affected by eclipses regardless of whatever zodiac sign they are in. The 2024 eclipses are in masculine Aries and feminine Libra and Pisces. Balancing masculine and feminine energies this year will be on the agenda.

When a Lunar Eclipse occurs, the Sun is opposite the Moon and this opposition brings intense challenges. When a Solar Eclipse occurs, the Sun is conjunct (or within an orb of approximately 8°). This means the energy of the Sun and the Moon combine bringing new beginnings related to the house both these ‘planets’ are in. Often these new beginnings are quite physical in nature whereas the Lunar Eclipse energies are somewhat internalised, so you feel them quite strongly.

The Tarot Cards 2024: A Year Guided by Feminine Energy

To set the tone for the year, we start with the drawing of two tarot cards. The first card represents the first half of the year, while the second card symbolises the second half. But before the tarot cards are drawn, Rose will have a vision about the energies for the first and second half of 2024. These visions highlight the importance of getting in touch with your feminine side and finding balance in your life.

The Vision for Tarot Card No. 1 – The First Half of 2024

Rose in Spirit sees a woman walking out of the ocean and she’s dressed in white. This indicates purity, spirituality, innocence and femininity are important this year.  During the first half of 2024 you may be encouraged to get in touch with your feminine side. Perhaps you’ve been more in touch with your masculine side because you’ve had to get things done. However it’s possible to get out of balance with masculine and feminine energy, especially if we feel responsibilities on our shoulders. So it’s time to stop flogging yourself to do things and start to just ‘be’ without ‘doing’ anything.

The Eight of Pentacles: Creative Work Brings Rewards

The first card drawn is the Eight of Pentacles, signalling a prosperous year ahead for your finances and career. Your hard work and creative endeavours will be rewarded, and there is a spiritual inclination towards your work. This card encourages you to take action and put in the necessary effort to achieve your goals. Embracing your feminine energy will enhance your creativity and bring greater fulfilment to your work.

The Vision for Tarot Card no. 2 – The Second Half of 2024

In the second half of the year, a flash of lightning ignites new beginnings and revitalizes your spirit. It’s like a flash out of the blue and could be quite positive. It’s as if you feel more alive when something has happened to kick start your heart! It’s almost as if new life is starting on a new planet!

The Two of Pentacles – Eye on the Money Honey!

The Two of Pentacles suggests a focus on your finances, with opportunities for growth and unexpected developments. This electrifying energy will make you feel more alive and open doors to exciting possibilities. Embrace this surge of energy and be prepared for positive changes in your financial situation.

There’s a lot of green and aqua in this tarot card which suggests growth and development are taking place in your money supply. The card itself doesn’t really indicate how or why, but the green does make it seem more positive than not.

2024 Eclipses: Illuminating Your Path

Throughout the year, eclipses will have a significant impact on your life, shedding light on various aspects of your journey.

Lunar eclipses will cast their glow upon your communications, local community, shared resources, intimacy and distant family members. These cosmic events may bring about shake-ups and highlight the importance of maintaining politeness and fairness in your interactions. Keep an eye out for opportunities to enhance your communication skills and foster meaningful connections, especially in your local community.

Solar eclipses, on the other hand, signify new beginnings and opportunities for growth. One such eclipse will occur April 8, which will illuminate your spirituality, travel and educational opportunities. Embrace this energy to propel your endeavours forward and make a positive impact on those around you. This solar eclipse will also be conjunct Chiron and your North Node so there’s an element of destiny involving healing around these areas of life. Perhaps overseas travel has been difficult for you in some way and now as a result of this healing, you feel more confident about going overseas?

Another solar eclipse in October will bring fresh beginnings to your learning, communication and community engagement. While there may be temporary disruptions or inconveniences, this eclipse holds immense potential for personal growth and the realisation of your aspirations. Embrace these opportunities to expand your knowledge, connect with like-minded individuals, and make profound changes in your life.

2024 Eclipse Dates

Lunar Eclipse in Libra March 26, 2024

Solar Eclipse in Aries April 8, 2024

Lunar Eclipse in Pisces September 17, 2024

Solar Eclipse in Libra October 2, 2024

Pluto in Aquarius: Transformation in Relationships and Hopes

The year 2024 also marks significant transformations in your relationships and aspirations. Pluto’s entry into Aquarius will deeply impact your significant partnerships, both personal and professional. Prepare to experience profound changes in your committed relationships, which may involve endings, rejuvenation or the potential for new, meaningful connections. From January to September and then again from November to March, 2043, yes almost 20 years, watch as your relationships evolve and offer valuable opportunities for growth and healing. You may find significant relationships end, new committed relationships begin or current relationships evolve. Healing in relationships with ‘frenemies’ or people you normally don’t get along with is also possible during this time.

Jupiter in Gemini

Jupiter’s entry into Gemini on May 25 until June 2025 will bring blessings to your hopes, dreams, and friendships. During this period, you’ll have the chance to expand your social circle, make new friends and participate in groups that align with your passions. Embrace this positive energy to manifest your dreams and enjoy the support of like-minded individuals. Your hopes and dreams will also expand as you’ll realise you can grow as a person with more confidence and self esteem.

2024 Leo Horoscope Summary

As we conclude this journey through your 2024 horoscope, lovely Leo the overarching themes relate to embracing your feminine energy, self healing, embarking on new beginnings, and finding balance in your life. Through hard work, creativity, and a touch of spirituality, you could also experience significant financial growth and fulfillment in your career.

Eclipses will highlight the importance of effective communication and fair interactions, bringing exciting opportunities for personal and community development. Pluto’s planetary shift will trigger transformative changes in your relationships, leading to deep healing and the pursuit of new connections. Lastly, Jupiter’s Gemini influence will enhance your hopes, dreams and friendships, ensuring a year filled with growth and support.

Embrace the cosmic energies guiding you, dear Leo, and get ready to make 2024 a year of empowerment, success, and fulfillment. May this horoscope bring you insight, luck, and contentment throughout the year! Wishing you an incredible 2024!

Your Psychic Astrologer, Rose Smith