One in Numerology

Number One people tend to be independent and self-motivated and can do well in business. They can have difficulty with relationships as they tend to see situations in terms of how it affects them, rather than the other person. They can have a strong desire to be numero uno. They can be compulsively driven towards what they regard as success, as deep down there are self esteem issues that need be dealt with.

Number One’s are proving to themselves and the world that they really are o.k. and they are also inclined to be critical of themselves and other people. Number One’s are capable of hard work and excel at multiple tasks. They may expect other people to be similar to themselves them and don’t suffer those who don’t aspire to the same hard working ideals.

They may suffer loneliness as others don’t understand them, but they may not see what part they have played in the situation as their ambitious and self absorbed energy works against them. If you are a number one in numerology experiencing this, try to put yourself in the other person’s situation. Sometimes balanced compromises are called for in relationships.

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