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What to Wear for your Starsign Pisces

image of pisces woman wearing pearls and conservative colours

A Pisces girl is the ultimate romantic. She’s gentle, sensitive and artistic. Pisces doesn’t mind being on the sidelines instead of at the centre of attention, but her feelings are easily hurt.

To embrace the romantic inside of you, choose fabrics like lace, silk, chiffon and cashmere. Soft, pale colours are Pisces’ favorites – light blues, lavender and shades of white take up the most space in her closet. Often compared to Cinderella, Pisces doesn’t mind looking like a princess.

Pisces’ style is a mixture of glamour and bohemian – she loves to play dress up, but spends her weekends scouring the racks at local thrift stores in search of vintage finds. Pisces prefers flowy pieces that are sexy in a softer way. Maxi dresses, A-line skirts and loose blouses are Pisces’ go-to looks.

A true shoe addict, Pisces has a variety of footwear in her closet. Espadrilles, nude pumps and strappy stilettoes are her favorite for date night, while ballet flats and sparkly sandals are her usual picks for the office.

Avoid any items of clothing that are too “out there” – you’ll end up feeling more uncomfortable than free. If you need to add some punch to an outfit, try a shimmery gold or rhinestone-encrusted top. Pisces loves jewellery and is never seen without pearls in her ears.

When it comes to makeup, Pisces loves the natural look. When she needs something fresh, she’ll pair a soft eyeshadow with a darker, romantic lip colour (like plum or dark red) or do a nude lip with a glittery eyeshadow.

Pisces’ main style inspiration is none other than Elizabeth Taylor. She embraced her feminine side with her clothing and looked beautiful in whatever she wore. Olivia Wilde, Emily Blunt, Dakota Fanning, Lily Collins and Jennifer Love Hewitt also dress with their Pisces personality in mind.

Rose Smith
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