What to Wear for your Starsign Aquarius

image of quirky woman wearing scarf with checkered dress

Aquarius is a true individual, with a strong sense of her own personality. She isn’t afraid to stand out in a crowd and has a carefree disregard of what other people think. Aquarius ladies love to experiment, especially with their clothing, and can usually pull off the styles that don’t work for other starsigns.

An Aquarius’ wardrobe should be full of pieces that make her happy – bright colours, intricate patterns and bold statement jewellery. The more eccentric the better; Aquarius will run from anything even remotely boring. Unconventional and fun, an Aquarians’ style should represent who she is, especially as her personality changes from day to day.

Aquarius gravitates toward electric blues, neons and bright yellow. She’ll wear darker colours, but only when paired with lighter pieces. She doesn’t like anything tight-fitting as it feels too restrictive for her wild personality.

Aquarians are trendsetters; instead of rushing to the mall to snag up some on-trend pieces, she’ll be browsing the racks of smaller boutiques and starting a trend of her own. Aquarius is always one of the first to adopt wearable technology, and she mixes it among her jewellery flawlessly.

Try mixing two prints that don’t usually go together – polka dots with a tribal print, stripes with a geometric print – for a signature Aquarius look. Structured garments, asymmetrical hemlines and colour block dresses are staples in any Aquarius’ wardrobe.

When shopping for makeup, try a neon lip colour or sparkly eyeshadow. Though these bolder choices must be used separately, they can be a great way to add some interest to an otherwise basic outfit. Aquarius isn’t afraid to try new makeup trends, and she’s a master at the cat eye.

There are dozens of notable Aquarius women who aren’t afraid to dress by their own rules: Rosamund Pike, Jennifer Anniston, Emma Roberts, Denise Richards, Heather Graham and Kerry Washington are often the celebrities who Aquarius turns to for style inspiration.

Aquarius ladies aren’t afraid to stand out in a crowd and love to experiment, especially with their clothing. They can usually pull off the styles that don’t work for other starsigns. Aquarians are trendsetters who like mixing two prints that usually don’t go together.

Author: Rose Smith