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What to Wear for your Starsign Cancer

image of woman with soft flowing clothes

Ladies born under the Cancer sign are extremely caring, loving human beings who always take the feelings of others into consideration. As a Cancer, you’re always in touch with your own emotions, a wonderful quality that you should aim to convey through your personal style.

Your closet should contain many statement pieces and power ensembles. Elegant, feminine pieces will embody your soft side and highlight your nurturing demeanour. Pinks, lilacs, soft blues and earth tones are great colours to feature in your wardrobe. If you’re an artistic Cancer, don’t hesitate to play around with bold prints and bright colours. Floral prints suit Cancer women perfectly!

When dressing for work or a business meeting, you should choose skirts and dresses over pantsuits, which feel too stiff for your sensitive personality. A structured bag in a neutral colour is a great finishing touch for your 9 – 5 outfits.

On date night, don’t be afraid to let your seductive side show. Fabrics like silk and chiffon capture your romantic nature but also feel light and fun. A pair of sexy, strappy heels will finish off your look and show your date that you’re not afraid to walk on the wild side. If you’re invited to a formal or black-tie affair, a ball gown or ruffled dress will suit your personality wonderfully.

In regards to jewellery, your birthstone (Ruby) and pearls should be go-to pieces. Embrace the natural look with your makeup, incorporating a bright pink or peach lip when you’re in the mood.

For celebrity style inspiration, look to Princess Diana. She always had a knack for fashion and was never seen looking anything less than radiant. Diane Kruger and Cheryl Cole are two other Cancers who love feminine, romantic clothing. Vera Wang, although she usually dresses in darker shades, incorporates lots of blush colours into her designs, which might very well be a nod to her Cancer starsign.

Rose Smith
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