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Dreaming about Missing Teeth

image of beautiful woman covering her mouth to hide her teeth

Teeth problem dreams refer to developmental goals that were not achieved when you were growing up. All children go through developmental hurdles as they grow. Some examples are being born, breast feeding and going onto solid foods, learning to walk, learning to go to the toilet, going to school, losing baby teeth and gaining adult teeth, puberty and so on.

These developmental goals also have emotional equivalents. As you gain mastery of each stage as a child, you become more autonomous and independent. If you were blocked or hindered in some way by authority figures, you may have a love/hate relationship with authorities such as the government, police, school teachers, lawyers, doctors or anyone in a position of perceived power.

There is a force within all of us designed to guide us toward wholeness. This force will put you back into situations so that you can attempt to accomplish important developmental goals. You will repeat the patterns of your childhood throughout your life until you get it right and vent all of the stuck energy deep down in your subconscious. During these times, you may dream of losing teeth or spitting out teeth as you successfully accomplish those development goals. If you dream of rotten teeth, you know there is a problem with some part of your childhood that has not yet been resolved.

A variation on the teeth theme is bits of broken teeth falling out or being spat out. When you dream this it means that you are maturing in some situation, but in bits and pieces rather than smoothly. It may be a stop/start process which cannot be accomplished all in one go, but that’s ok. So don’t worry, dreaming about losing teeth is a good thing so well done!

Rose Smith
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