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Numerology for Your House or Year

image of house surrounded by numbers

Have fun with your numbers!

What is the best number for a house, business or phone?

For a Residence: Add the unit and street numbers together. Reduce to a single digit.

For a Telephone: Add all numbers including the Area Code. Reduce to a single digit.

For a Career Number: Add the day, month and year of birth to a single digit.

For a Personal Current Year Number: Add the day, month and the current year to a single digit.


A Year or Place of Importance. Colours Gold (wealth) and Sage Green (for growth). An excellent year or number for the self-reliant, confident and progres­sive. Tarot Card – The Sun: People who are determined to succeed and who can inspire leadership in their chosen field. Ace of Wands: A positive influence for new projects or a fresh start. The Magician: Professional people, good managers or the multi-skilled. Sun Reversed: Can also become burnt-out or over-stretched.

Therefore keep this high energy in balance. Optimism and enthusiasm are likely to increase.  Focus upon good health.

ONE Telephone Number

A business with this number has an air of influence and prestige. Serious problems can be resolved, yet a spirit of independence is still maintained.


A House or Keynote of Beauty or Graciousness. Colours Cream or Silver and Blue. A place or number of contentment. Tarot Card – Two of Cups: A time for strong friendships or partnerships. Hospitality, harmony, co-operation. The Moon: Meditation, Yoga, Support groups, Counselling. The High Priestess: Healing. Health Centres. High Priestess Reversed: In a number two place, one might become too contented, i.e. isolated or passive. If so, reach out to others in the areas mentioned above.

TWO Telephone Number

Kind well-mannered people will profit from this number and also attract those in need. Discussions require diplomacy, sensitivity and tact.


A Year or Place for Socialising or Gatherings. Colours Lemon, Yellow or Orange/Peach. Out­going, warm-hearted people or extended families will benefit. A house/place of fun, generosity, often renovated or enlarged. A year to join organisations and groups. Tarot Card – Three of Cups: An excellent place or year for entertaining and meeting new people. Three of Cups Reversed: One may have curtail extravagance, gambling or excesses in this year or place.

Business pursuits can flourish. Hence expand your horizons within your budget and enjoy the increased opportunites. Excellent for performers, cooking/chefs,

restaurants, fashion, florists, renovating or music.

THREE Telephone Number

Productive contacts, attracting many orders, appointments, bookings or meetings. Therefore express warmth and enthusiasm.


A Work-Oriented House, Business or Year. Either a small or boxy place (where one has to be tidy to avoid chaos!) or a time/place requiring consistent work. Colours: Autumn tones with an earthy quality. The Number Four (symbol of a square) stands for groundedness and a secure foundation. Tarot Card – Four of Wands: A time for creating a solid base in a joyous way. Duties, responsibilities and loyalty will be paramount. Knight of Pentacles: Positive for accountancy, study, routine and saving. Building work. Stabilizing careers. Two of Swords: A family or a group may retreat into their own corners. Renovations may not produce desired results, as marked change is not easy to achieve. But security can be main­tained and welcome, functional improvements made.

Trouble with taps, water pipes or cracked walls? A place that is hard to leave. Best for those who like stability.

FOUR Telephone Number

Calls could place demands on time, but bring much needed work and money. Excellent number for work from home, builders, accountants and more.


A Busy, Open Time or House. Lots of visitors and a free exchange of ideas. Colours Aqua or Cornflour Blue for calming. This number or year suits travel, journalism, communication or being on the move. Tarot Card – Eight of Wands: The media i.e. writing, computers, television, radio. Knight of Wands Reversed: Residents in a Number Five house can have many interests, be too noisy, rush around, or travel too fast.

In this year, one may wish to either travel, or to relocate to another job or house. A feeling of restlessness may prevail, yet this can be positive, if any necessary changes are made in a placid, workable way. The best year for a long holiday or several short trips.

FIVE Telephone Number

Lots of phone calls and internet use. Busy schedules for work, socialising or communication. Excellent for media, advertising, travel, removalists, sales, computers, networking, information centres, customer support, tourism. Focus on truth.


A time or place for Family, Clan gatherings or Marriage. A house or number of accord, homeliness and warmth. Colours Pinks/Apricots, as in roses. Tarot Cards – Six of Cups or Ten of Cups: Starting a family or a first home? Ten of Pentacles: Building up clan/family connections. Group cooperation and respect will be vital. Stray animals or strangers may be attracted. Ten of Cups Reversed: Intense emotions can prevail at times. If so, remember that more can be achieved in this year or place via teamwork, than by acting alone.

In a six year, one may be ready for commitment, or a serious relationship, or having a child. Or existing relationships within a family can be nurtured and improved. Home decorating, or beautifying in a personal sense is also favoured.

SIX Telephone Number

Lots of calls to family/clan. Relationship or group issues could be paramount. Discussion around these issues can strengthen ties, via positive feedback.


Spirituality, Religion or Study. A House or number of self-reliance, devotion, contemplation, or scholarship. Colours Purple/Lavender. Tarot Cards – The Hierophant or the Hermit: A place or year to write a book, meditate, or do craft/ artwork. Also excellent for photographers, musicians, writers, psychics, artists or a night-time person or house. Trouble with water? Seven of Cups Reversed:

Residents of a Number Seven house, or people in this year, might be affected by alcohol, drugs, or escapism? If so, focus on creativity and putting imagination to work, e.g. being motivated to record dreams, write journals, or study whatever inspires, seriously. For the energy of Neptune can either be dreamy and unrealistic, or it can be used to promote innovation and creativity that benefits oneself or others. (Creativity being a major key to happiness in life.) An excellent number for churches, temples, meditation centres, literature or education.

SEVEN Telephone Number

Callers may love talking at night, or they are visionary, artistic and imaginative. A lot of original ideas may be exchanged.

Eight – SATURN

A Year of Rewards or a Show Place. Much energy may be used to maintain neat house/office/gardens. Colours Navy or Royal Blue, but with bright contrasts. A Number Eight place can be sombre or cold, requiring more warmth or heating, or increased light and colour (especially orange/peach or lemon highlights). This number or year suits the ambitious.

EIGHT Telephone Number

Many serious, official, formal or business calls are possible.

Nine – MARS

A high-energy Year, Business or House. Warm, hospitable, welcoming places, symbolically like an open fire. Colours Red or Burgundy with soft Greens for balance. Excellent for hotels, motels. A place with lots of small rooms, or a high turn-over? Over-heated interaction at times. Too hot in summer? Hot water problems? A great number or year for community projects, e.g. multi-cultural, humanitarian or charitable. Sport or high-energy activities. Tarot Card – King or Queen Wands: Warmth, generosity and large-heartedness are the keynotes for a Number Nine year or house.

This energy needs to be put to good use for oneself and others. Suits direct, fiery courageous people.

NINE Telephone Number

Many short calls. Patience required. Lively or passionate discussions.

Have fun with your numbers.

Quotes from my books “The Handbook to the Holistic I Ching”,  Part II – The Tarot and the I Ching and “The Holistic I Ching”  by Judith. Copyright © 1993.

Rose Smith
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