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Spiritual Healing Explained

Spiritual Healing and the 7 Chakras Explained

Working with the Divine Realm to Heal

Spiritual Healing works on your body’s energy field through a direct channelling from the Divine realm. This energy clears the negative issues which are presently influencing your life. These may include Physical and Emotional Health, Stress related situations, Relationships on all levels, Love and Intimacy, Self Esteem, Finances and Career and Communicating with self and others.

Disease does not happen by itself; there is always a deeper purpose for every pain you experience in a physical sense. Physical pain is only the end product of much deeper Spiritual forces at work.

As a practising Spiritual Healer for more than 40 years, many of my clients have reported feeling a sense of freedom after a Spiritual Healing, as they have released old energies and negative patterns that have been holding them back.

Working with the Body’s Energy Fields

Spiritual Healing Subtle and High Level Energies

There are at least seven bodies overlapping and interweaved with the physical body. These may be called your Subtle Energy bodies.

It is at the fifth auric level that Spiritual Healing is carried out being strongly linked to the Ketheric (7th) level and the Etheric (1st) body.

All Higher level bodies are templates for the lower ones and are fully interactive. Together, they make you the person you currently are.

Each Spiritual body resides in the same space but at a different vibration. Each body has a unique purpose, and each is linked to a different chakra or energy centre.

All Healing work performed on you is done with the permission of your Higher Self (your soul) and it is for your Higher Self that all Healing is directed.

If there wasn’t a need for a particular experience, it wouldn’t happen. At all times your free will and personal responsibility remains paramount.

The Healing energy works right down to the cellular level of the body where old programs and energy patterns are stored (sometimes for lifetimes). This energy can be transmitted over any distance to you wherever you are situated.

Benefits of Receiving Daily Spiritual Energy Healing

Receiving this energy on a daily basis not only transforms your old energy patterns, but will act as a preventative to programming and holding on to new programs and negative energies that we are all presented with on a daily basis.

Spiritual Healing…

  • Accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities.
  • Clears the difficult situations we are experiencing and removes the emotional baggage we are carrying around these issues.
  • Balances the body’s chakra or energy system.
  • Brings us back to a state of peace and harmony with ourselves and those around us that we are in relationships with.
  • Increases our energy levels and our feeling of well being which leads us to dissolving any stress, grief or past trauma that we may have been carrying in our lives.
  • Clears any blocks that we may have with our finances or career path.
  • Allows us to move through any blocks that we have with our dreams and goals. This also allows us to take action to manifest these dreams and goals with ease and grace.
  • Strengthens our intuition which will allow us to receive spiritual guidance and assistance from the higher realms.

During my phone readings at Absolute Soul Secrets please feel free and open to ask for a Spiritual Healing. Many people have already benefited from the freedom of receiving these energies I can share, especially when received on a regular basis.

The Dalai Lama was quite correct when he was asked about what makes for a life without pain or stress. He simply answered “think happy thoughts”.

Rose Smith
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