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Scorpio Personality Traits – Intense & Sexy

image of scorpio starsign personality video banner

scorpio starsign purple

Scorpio Personality Traits - The Scorpion ( 23rd October – 21st November )

Watch that sting in the tale of a Scorpion! Careful not to say the wrong thing or you will feel the intensity and power of built up aggression. Despite this, those born under the starsign of Scorpio can have a most hypnotic effect on those around them. Scorpios often have penetrating eyes that look straight into your soul! They have magnetic personalities that many people find irresistible.

Powerful and often unyielding, a Scorpio can be overwhelmingly attractive to us mere mortals. They possess good intelligent brains often combined with other worldly psychic ability. Scorpios work well in positions that require confidentiality and power.

Key Energies of Scorpio

Watchfulness, observing, powerful, hypnotic, attractive, sexy, determined, intense, forceful, jealous, compulsive, secretive are energies that apply to Scorpio.

Scorpio Starsign Compatibility

Pisces, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn are good partners for Scorpios.

Turn up your sound and watch the video below.

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