Water Signs and Chinese Astrology

image of a crab representing cancer starsign

Cancer - I Feel ( June 21 – July 22 )

Caring Cancerians, you are ruled by the Moon and in this Year of the Rat, there are six eclipses which will really stir up your watery subconscious. The Rat is connected to Yin Water which is feminine and relates to still or placid waters, such as a lake or pond. So here again is more water or emotion that you will need to deal with especially in committed relationships. Flooding in your physical and emotional life is a real possibility, so take care when swimming or using water. Another possibility could be leaky roofs, plumbing or radiator problems in vehicles.

In the Year of the Rat, please remember still waters run deep and sometimes you may be surprised at your own reactions in relationships. Chill out and make use of your newfound creativity which is bound to increase this year.

image of a scorpion representing the scorpio starsign

Scorpio - I Create ( October 23 – November 21 )

Sensational Scorpio, the Year of the Rat gives you opportunities to improve your communication skills. It’s also a time for study or retraining. You could learn and teach, share and preach! Take it easy on the preaching though.

During 2020, you may feel emotional at times for no reason, your intensity increases, and this is probably connected to the Yin Water in the Year of the Rat. There may also be changes in your relationship with siblings or your local community. You’re likely to be busy with study, local errands and community this year.

image of the two fishes representing the pisces starsign

Pisces - I Believe ( February 19 – March 20 )

The year of the Rat is connected with Yin Water which indicates emotions can run high. This year there’s a lot of activity with your connections, groups, hopes and dreams. With six eclipses this year, there’s likely to be lots of emotion coming up and your friends and groups could be involved. You may decide to let go of connections who no longer serve your highest good this year.

Passionate Pisces with so many watery emotions around this year, your passion can pull you through tough situations. Water can extinguish fire and passion, so keep your fire up and focus on what you believe in. Watch your finances too as there could be losses if you lose passion this year.