Does the Soul Direct Us Toward Marriage?

image of a beautiful happy bride

Some people spend much of their lives thinking about marriage. How old will I be when I get married? Who will I marry? What will our marriage be like?

Marriage is a monumental step, and it’s a major turning point in life, so it’s no wonder that it takes up so many of our thoughts. But it’s not for everyone. Not everyone wishes to marry and many people have subconscious blocks around marriage, especially when they view marriage from the standpoint of looking at their own parents.

Those dedicated to living a spiritual life also wonder what role the Universe will play in finding and identifying their future spouse. Will Spirit tell me who I am supposed to marry? Will the Universe point me away from any lover that is not meant to be my spouse?

Spirit works in mysterious ways, and it’s often unclear how the universal plan is going to unfold. At Absolute Soul Secrets, we believe Spirit will:

Nurture your desire for marriage if it is the true desire of your Soul.

Your Soul plants a seed within you that creates a deep longing in some, for marriage. We want to find that one special person who we can share our lives with. Not only will the Universe ensure that you have that desire, it will continue to nurture it as you grow older.  However this desire must be a true expression of your Soul, not necessarily your personality or your mind.

Help you discover what you need from your marriage.

Using your life experiences, Spirit will help you realize what you want your marriage to look like and what type of person you need as your spouse. Though this may entail rough relationships in preparation, rest assured that you are learning valuable lessons that will enable you to choose the perfect partner to spend your life with. Do not accept second best when deep in your heart you know the person is really not for you. Do not marry when you know before the marriage, that it’s the wrong thing to do.

Introduce you to the right people.

The Universe will ‘conspire’ to bring you the type of person you need, and this maybe through your social circle or maybe not. Maybe your boss introduces you to a single family member, or perhaps your friend sets you up on a blind date.

Make your dreams a reality.

If you want a spouse who will be game for any adventure, even in your old age, your Soul will deliver. If you need someone who will support you during the hard times and guide you toward the light, your Soul will make sure your spouse is able to do that. Your Soul has spent years creating you and has a master plan for your life – trust that it will fulfil your desires for a worthy spouse if this is your life plan. You can create your own life plan and the more aware you become, the more successful you will be.

Listen to yourself.

Your Soul is communicating with you every moment of the day and night, it will guide you where you need to go and when to meet the best person for its purposes. Those purposes are to bring you to enlightenment through experience so you will evolve into the fullness of who you really are.

Although you probably won’t get a letter explaining who your future spouse is and when you’ll get married, you’ll be guided in the right direction to ensure that you are fulfilled. If you continue to keep Spirit close to your heart, in your relationships the right person will emerge.

If you’d like to talk more about how your Soul will guide you toward marriage, give Absolute Soul Secrets a call today. Our psychics can answer all of your questions and reassure you that the Universe has wonderful things in store for your life. Remember, in the long run all things work together for the highest good. Go to our Home Page to see which psychics are available right now.

Author: Rose Smith