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Fire Signs and Chinese Astrology

image of the ram representing aries starsign

Aries - I Am ( March 21 - April 19 )

Awesome Aries you are likely to have an active and busy year with unexpected events popping up out of the blue. Not all that glistens is gold however and you need to be aware of deception. Use rat-like cunning to stay ahead of the pack and you’ll be fine. 2020 Year of the Rat is also a time for career decisions and planning, especially as your career may change this year.

Maintain balance to avoid incorrect judgements and decisions in 2020. If you are impulsive in love or finances, your mind doesn’t have time to properly think things through. You do have some good luck in the Year of the Rat!

image of a lion representing the leo starsign

Leo - I Will ( July 23 – August 22 )

Lovely Leo you may meet new friends or even a new lover this year! Some areas of your life need cutting back to make space for new people to enter your life! Focus on your everyday routine and wellbeing, you can improve yourself this year. The Yin Water connected to the Year of the Rat could bring changes in your everyday work and routine. Consider a change in job or in your health and wellbeing regime.

The march of time moves on and your life is likely to change substantially in 2020. There are likely to be multiple opportunities this year that you can grab if you have the space to embrace them!

image of the archer who is half human and half horse representing the starsign sagittarius

Sagittarius - I Perceive ( November 22 – December 21 )

Savvy Sag you may hear the call of transformation in 2020! The Year of the Rat is connected to Yin Water and you are a Fire sign, Water can extinguish Fire, so there could be a few hiccups in 2020. But getting what you want is possible, just give it some time.

In the meantime, review, readjust and redo your finances, your possessions and what you value. It’s time to consolidate now. Be careful with finances and in love. Water can represent financial loss, so take care of your possessions and money. You should not give up on what you believe in, in fact the more passionate and fiery you become, the more likely you will succeed long term.

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