Earth Signs and Chinese Astrology

Taurus - I have ( April 20 – May 20 )

Terrific Taurus you may feel a pull overseas this year as it’s likely there will be foreign connections around you. You could also consider higher education, retraining or some other form of study. You could even study overseas! Yin Water encourages you to feel and experience life more strongly so you might be gripped with intense desires to change your life radically!

Your spirituality increases as the Yin Water draws out your emotions and you become more aware than ever of your spiritual nature. You have a deeper appreciation for all that is and the world is so much more than before!

image of a graceful woman representing the virgo starsign

Virgo - I Analyse ( August 23 – September 22 )

Vivacious Virgo, it’s time to enjoy yourself more in 2020! The Year of the Rat refreshes and rejuvenates you! Yin Water is encouraging you to be creative and child-like in your approach to life. Romance, fun, leisure and pleasure are there for you as living waters flow into every cell of your being!

As an Earth sign in a Yin Water year, it’s also a good time to tend the garden of pre-existing projects. You may have started something but not finished, now you can go back and complete it so you can harvest the rewards! You’ve got some really good luck coming in the Year of the Rat.

image of the goat representing the capricorn starsign

Capricorn - I Use ( December 22 – January 19 )

Courageous Capricorn, the Year of the Rat is connected to Yin or feminine Water and it is likely to be good to you. If you have been feeling down or flat in some respects, this year you will be encouraged to perk yourself up! As a hard worker it’s possible that your life has been out of balance so you will be supported to have a bit more fun.

Love could also be on life’s agenda and this will please you no end! Allow yourself to taste the beauty of life and you will be able to pay it forward by inspiring others. It’s time to let go of anything that keeps you stuck in the mud, so call on the Yin Water forces of Rat to gain optimism and positivity.