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Personality Traits for Cancer

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cancer starsign purple

Cancer Personality Traits - The Crab ( 21st June – 22nd July )

Cancerians are home loving individuals who thrive on nurturing family and friends. They often live close to the world of the child, remembering back to their childhood years. Cancerians need to be careful romanticising fantasies which then turn out to be nothing more than pipedreams with little basis in reality. Intensely emotional and loving, they can be excellent partners if they receive sufficient attention and love in return.

Those born under the star sign of Cancer are ruled by their hearts over their heads and may not see the faults in their loved ones, who can hold sway over them. The star sign of Cancer is an emotional and sensitive star sign and those born under Cancer need much love and attention. Cancerians will devote themselves to attaining a happy home life even at great personal expense. Other star signs love them, but they must learn to love themselves.

Key Energies of Cancer

Loving, nurturing, childlike, homebody, intuitive, cautious, protective, sympathetic, changeable, moody, over-emotional

Cancer Starsign Compatibility

Good star signs for Cancer are Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus and Virgo.

Turn up your sound and watch the video below.

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