Video Interview with Psychic Anthi

Interview with Light Worker Psychic Anthi

Prepare for unexpected messages to serve your highest good!

Anthi is a gifted intuitive clairvoyant, psychic and tarot reader who is passionate about sharing messages that Spirit needs you to hear. Having a Greek heritage, Anthi understands the issues in growing up in two cultures. Occasionally, the clash of cultures can sometimes make it difficult to be authentically you. A little help from Anthi who has been in a similar situation, can help you release any stuck energies that may weigh you down.

Often when working with crystals for emotional healing, Light Worker Psychic Anthi can pick up heavy burdensome energies that can be released. She can really help you evolve to a higher level so you can move forward.

Sometimes the messages Light Worker Psychic Anthi receives for you, may be unexpected! Anthi feels your blueprint, your vibrations and the personalised messages from spirit to you. Feeling these things in her body can sometimes be interesting, to say the least. This psychic ability is known as clairsentience.

Above all, any message Anthi receives for you is meant for your highest good, especially if you are looking to release old energies. Basically, just allow the past to be done, live in the present and turn your face to the future!

Watch this short video interview. Don’t forget to turn up your volume!

Until we meet again, sending you Brightest Blessings, Light Worker Anthi x

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Author: Psychic Anthi