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Air Signs and Chinese Astrology

image of the twins representing gemini starsign

Gemini - I Think ( May 21 – June 20 )

Gorgeous Gemini, you may consider study or retraining in 2020! Your intellect could be flying high with brilliant new ideas and your emotions chopping and changing all over the place. So do be careful with your emotions, especially with six eclipses stirring up the waters of your subconscious in the Yin Water Year of the Rat.

Use your communicative skills to improve your relationships and financial position, particularly with shared resources, such as other people’s money. Hidden things could also come up with sex, intimacy and taboo subjects. It’s all about sharing and caring, intimacy and what you value. Use your thoughts to improve your money position, but don’t get too emotional if Yin Waters cause choppy finances. Encourage yourself to reinvent your finances!

image of the scales representing the starsign libra

Libra - I Balance ( September 24 – October 23 )

Luscious Libra there is much activity at home with your family! Brilliant creativity flashes out of nowhere helping you to improve your home, you may even relocate or renovate! I see a skiff windsurfing on a lake, travelling fast and having fun! You can have fun with your ideas, thinking up creative and unique ways to play homemaker or interact with your family!

The Yin Water in the Year of the Rat, holds the sword of truth which is your ability to dissect, analyse and make decisions. Think of a Lady of the Lake type scenario holding out Excalibur the magic sword – it’s within your grasp! This is your thinking in 2020 influenced by your emotions! Your thinking balances your emotions and cuts straight to the truth!

image of the water bearer representing the aquarius starsign

Aquarius - I Know ( January 20 – February 18 )

Awesome Aquarius, your spirituality becomes very important this year as you are very much in touch with your subconscious this year. You could be dreaming a lot, engaged in self reflection, meditating or chilling out in peace somewhere by yourself. During these times your inner world becomes more alive and in turn you could be feeling more vital and alive physically.

The Yin Water in the Year of the Rat blows through the windmills of your mind, like rain cleansing your thoughts. You might decide to do some mental housekeeping, cleaning out what goes on in your head. A new cycle of life begins!

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