Your Horoscope for September 2022

Horoscope Overview for September 2022

Welcome to your Monthly Horoscope Newsletter for September 2022! We have a number of things going on this month which pretty well affects everyone.

The Finger of God = Breakthrough!

Firstly to start off the month, we have a “Finger of God” pointing to the focal point of Venus. Depending on where Venus is in your chart, you’re likely to have an amplification of spiritual and creative energy which is being fuelled by Neptune and Pluto. This could bring some tension, but it’s the kind of tension that results in some sort of out of the box breakthrough! It’s creative and finds a solution to a problem!

Mercury Retrograde May Cause Misunderstandings

Then our old friend Mercury is retrograde from the 10th until 3rd October in Libra and Virgo, so these star signs will probably be affected most strongly, then Taurus and Gemini have some sort of issue, most probably to a moderate level. But no one gets off scot-free, everybody is affected to some extent. It’s a time to be cautious with technology, miscommunications, and misunderstandings. Travel can be delayed or there are glitches, so allow plenty of time if you’re taking a trip. It is however a great time to go back and complete anything you started before the 3rd September. It’s also a time when things can go quiet or people internalise their feelings rather than acting on them in the outside world.

You May Notice Unpredictable Things!

Uranus is retrograde from the 24th until 22nd January 2023. This is not a big deal, and most people probably won’t notice this, as it’s a transpersonal planet laying down background energies. If you are particularly sensitive, psychic, or intuitive, you may notice unusual or unpredictable things, perhaps in your dreams or meditations. Uranus will be retrograde in Taurus, so there could be some physical affects, perhaps involving finances, banks, cryptocurrencies… these industries may go quieter, or something slows down regarding money.

Go Slow if in a New Relationship

Venus moves into Virgo and then Libra this month, bringing detail and fastidiousness around your relationships, money or perhaps you’re interested in beauty in some way. You may change your identity, buy new clothes etc or redecorate. In Libra, Venus is in love with love, so go slowly and carefully if you’re in a new relationship as you may be looking at someone special through rose-coloured glasses!

Wishing you a fabulous month and thank you for supporting!

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