Your Horoscope for October 2022

Horoscope Overview for October 2022

Welcome to your Horoscope for October 2022! And WOW-O what a big and important month we have coming up!

All Star Signs Affected by the Grand Cross

We start the month off with a Grand Cross involving Neptune, Mars, Mercury Retrograde and the Moon. This will affect all star signs and could bring particularly intense feelings on the 1st and 2nd October most probably for a few hours only.

The Moon will move forward, and this aspect pattern will dissolve relatively quickly, but the intensity may be felt for a while longer. It’s not a good time to make important decisions or get involved in complex communications. Travel is also not a good idea now, best stay home and be quiet for this short time, if you can.

Moving Forward from 3rd October

Mercury turns direct in Virgo on the 3rd so there should be some resolution in miscommunications or misunderstandings. Things start to move forward again especially with your analytical thinking and communications. We also have both Saturn in Aquarius and Pluto in Capricorn turning direct on the 23rd and 8th respectively, providing further energy for forward momentum. Most people probably won’t notice these so much, especially with the outer planet Pluto.

Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

On the 25th we have a partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio bringing intense and compelling feelings. Do watch for overreactions or sometimes this may suggest a new start in various areas of your life, for example REALationships. In this case, the feelings are likely to be quite magnetic and difficult to control.

Watch for Irritability and Impatience

On the 28th October Jupiter turns retrograde bringing more REALism to your life and Mars turns retrograde on the 30th. Do watch for irritability and impatience. Slow down and don’t allow the influence of Mars to get you to rush into things. Take a deep breath and be patient.

October promises to be quite an insightful month bringing a fair bit of turbulence but also awareness. Wishing you a fabulous month and thank you for supporting!

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