Your Horoscope for November 2022

Horoscope Overview for November 2022

Welcome to November and what a change in the air there is!

Increased Optimism and Confidence

We have a ton of planets entering Sagittarius this month which really bodes well for increased confidence, optimism, and good luck! Finally!

Star signs most affected are Sagittarius of course, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces, but all star signs are blessed to some degree.

Venus in Sagittarius brings positivity in love, beauty, finances and oils the wheels of relationships. The Sun in Sagittarius opens the door to more light and brightness, insight and awareness. Mercury in Sagittarius brings more communications, general activity and travel – all in an expansive manner.

The Lunar Eclipse May Shake Things Up

We also have a lunar eclipse on the 8th November in Taurus shaking up things on a physical level. Your finances or the luxuries in life could be affected but this depends on which zodiacal house the eclipse falls in, in your chart. So, check out your horoscope underneath to find out how you will be affected.

Keep Your Stress Levels Down

During lunar eclipses there can be a lot of emotional turbulence, so it’s a good time not to take on too much. Try and keep your stress levels down and your calendar free. Star signs particularly affected are Taurus of course, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius but again, all star signs will receive some impact from this lunar eclipse.

Have a fabulous month to all. And thanks for supporting

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