Your Horoscope for February 2023

Horoscope Overview for February 2023

Welcome to your February 2023 horoscope.

It’s a little bit quieter this month which is a good thing, especially with a mega March coming up next month. February and March are the only months this year where we don’t have any retrograding planets or any eclipses!

Amplified Energy Beginning of Month

At the beginning of the month, there’s an amplified healing energy when Jupiter, Venus and Chiron do a 3-way conjunction, all in Aries. You could be looking at a spiritual or emotional wound from the past, which comes up from your subconscious for healing. Paying attention and taking bold action will help to finally release this pain.

This may have been bothering you for some time, so it’s great to finally get some sort of result or closure so you can move forward. If you have health or wellbeing issues, you may take action and perhaps seek professional guidance. You may also improve your diet, take up a new sport and do more movement.

More Conjunctions in February 2023

There are more conjunctions this month:

  1. Mercury conjuncts the Sun offering insight and awareness from Aquarius. Lots of thinking, logic and communications bring knowledge to you.
  2. Sun conjuncts Venus offers up a celebration, joy or happiness which could come with a dash of extra vitality.
  3. Moon conjuncts Mc (Midheaven) could bring more emotion around the topic of career or vocation. It’s possible a parent is also connected to this somehow however women generally could be involved and perhaps you need some time out to consider if you are happy in your general life direction.

Saturn and Pluto both hard hitters, are in their final death throes in their current signs, then in March they change signs – Saturn into Pisces and Pluto into Aquarius. This is major and will bring huge transFORMation for all! I’ll talk more about this next month.

Full Moon in Leo

Full Moon in Leo on the 6th in Australia and New Zealand indicates it’s time to come out on stage and get your message out into the world! You could be feeling more warm hearted, generous and you can take control of anything and everything in your life this month. Full Moon is square both lunar nodes which suggests destiny is trying to put you on your future track, so it’s time to take stock of your experience and prepare for a new direction in life.

New Moon in watery Pisces on the 21st brings emotional new beginnings… you are being called to step away from the past to chart a new future direction in life. Your future is being tweaked with feminine energy!

Watch our videos to find out which parts of your life will be affected by these and other astro influences. Also check out our Astrology Overview for 2023 for all the Planetary Action during the year.

Do remember….”the Stars impel, they do not compel”. Have a Fabulous February!

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