Your Horoscope for December 2022

Horoscope Overview for December 2022

Welcome to December, I must say how quickly this year has flown past. Watch the intro video for overall astrological trends and aspects. Then scroll down to watch your individual Star Sign!

Optimism and Good Luck!

December could be rather exciting for many people… we don’t have the stress and strain of eclipses. Jupiter is changing sign into Aries which should bring a lot of positivity, optimism and potential good luck.

Neptune is also turning direct in Pisces which could really give us all a BIG spiritual boost. We may feel more intuitive or psychic and it’s a fabulous time for creating music, art or anything that expresses our true authentic spiritual selves.

Healing Brings Insight and Awareness

The Sun trines Chiron in Aries on the 4th and this is fabulous for spiritual healing also bringing insight and awareness. Prior to the 4th you might be going through something that rises up to your mind for reflection. The beginnings of healing can then commence. Even if this memory or current situation is painful at the time, the healing will allow you to realise and release the energetic patterns that may have been holding you captive in some regard.

Technology & Communications in Mercury Retrograde

We do however have to deal with Mercury in Capricorn going retrograde on the 29th until the 18th January which means there could be more misunderstandings and miscommunications. It’s not a good time for travel or signing important documents. Technology can also play up and sometimes repairs will be required. This can include your vehicle, particularly batteries and tyres which can be rather uncooperative during Mercury retrograde. However, it is a great time to go back and complete jobs you started before the 22nd. This is the approximate time the shadow period begins when the energy of Mercury retrograde is coming on and after the 18th there’s another week or so when the energy of the retrograde is going off.

Reviewing Your Life Goals

Mars continues its retrograde motion until 12th January, so do watch for arguments, peevishness or perhaps feeling a bit flat or unmotivated. Mars retrograde tends to slow things down also and you may use this time wisely by reflecting, reviewing and reassessing your life goals.

Your Sun, Moon and Ascendant Signs

There’s a ton of astrological influences so do watch the introduction of the horoscope video and your Sun, Moon and Ascendant for the most accurate picture of the energetic influences you will experience. After watching the intro, if you look down you can view the timestamps, so scroll ahead on the video to the time positions for your Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs. If you don’t know your Moon and Ascendant signs, you can purchase an Astro report from our eShop.

These reports have a section called “Natal Positions” or “Positions of Planets at Birth” where your Sun, Moon and Ascendant are listed in their sign. For example, Asc=13LI59 is Ascendant 13 degrees Libra 59 minutes so you have Libra Ascendant.

Sun = Personality, Moon = Emotions

Basically, the Sun shows the outward expression of your personality. Your Sun sign relates to the position of the Sun at the time of birth in the constellations. The Moon on the other hand is more indicative of your personal feelings, emotions and subconscious. The Moon is every bit as valid and important as the Sun which is a masculine force whereas the Moon is a feminine force.

The Ascendant

Then we have the Ascendant, this is also known as your rising sign. This points to the direction that you’re going in life, so for example if you have a Scorpio Ascendant, as you mature you will become more Scorpionic… your psychic ability will increase and you gain a deepness to your character. You could also become more ‘magnetic’ in your personality. A Libra Ascendant on the other hand, represents someone who is learning how to be fairer and more peaceful with a deep appreciation for beauty and love.

There’s a lot of positive influences in December and I do hope you find your horoscope food for thought. Happy Christmas to all who celebrate Christmas and enjoy the holiday break if you can. May Peace on Earth be available to all.

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