Your Horoscope for August 2022

Horoscope Overview for August 2022

Welcome to your Monthly Horoscope Newsletter for August 2022!

We have the ‘Finger of God’, otherwise known as a Yod and this is a very spiritual and creative force involving Neptune and Pluto directing the energies of fate towards your planet Mercury. Your communications are likely to take on a spiritual tone or perhaps you’re thinking more about spiritual things during August.

Rectify an Issue That’s Holding You Back

Some star signs have a couple of t-squares which can present challenges to make you stronger, but these will also give you ‘encouragement’ to get unblocked or to rectify an issue that’s been holding your back in some way.

Jupiter will go retrograde on the 28th July which may slow down a particular area of your life, however there are no new retrograding planets or eclipses to deal with in August. Depending on where Jupiter falls in your chart, you may have to find a new way of dealing with something or perhaps something just goes cold, or you experience delays of some kind.

You Will be Blessed with More Energy

As usual Mercury, Venus and Mars will change houses, however an important thing to note is that Mars will be spending a terrific amount of time in this next house… until March 2023 in fact, which is very unusual. Depending on where Mars is in your chart, you will be blessed with more energy in this part of your life. It is also important to watch for irritability and impatience however. Mars brings a tendency to encourage you to think about the future but not have your mind on the present. So incidents and accidents can sometimes occur if you’re not grounded in practical REALity and focused on what you’re doing right now.

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