Your Horoscope for April 2023

Horoscope Overview for April 2023

Welcome to April, which promises to be quite full on, perhaps not as much as March, but still, it’s a pretty active month astrologically speaking.

To start the month, many star signs have planetary oppositions to their Mc which roughly interpreted relates to challenges in your life direction! To be more technically correct – the Mc or Medium Coeli is one of the most important points in the birth chart – representing your highest point of achievement and ambition. It is associated with career, reputation, and public image.

What’s Your Life Mission?

The Medium Coeli also represents your relationship with authority figures and the public, as well as your aspirations and potential for success. So, you can easily see that challenges here will likely affect the direction of your life in some way. Star signs Taurus, Gemini and Pisces will experience this opposition from about the 7th – 12th rather than at the very beginning of the month like other star signs.

On the positive side, these challenges will make you stronger and clearer about what your life mission actually is – you may have to overcome obstacles to get where you want to go. However, don’t give up, keep on keeping on with what your heart truly wants, rather than what your head thinks you want. Your Mc is the angle in your chart that gives us clues about your life mission… what you need to accomplish in this incarnation. Added to this, Mercury is moving into Taurus and will be conjunct your North Node bringing messages and new ideas about your destiny, and which may involve other people. Just think of exercising a muscle, that’s what is happening here. Your life mission muscles are getting a workout!

Start Something New

We also have a solar eclipse in Aries on the 20th bringing spontaneous and active new beginnings for you. As Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign, there could be a lot of passionate planning around instigating something new in your life. Watch the horoscope video and click the link to go to your star sign to find out which area of your life will be affected the most. As this is a solar eclipse, there are likely to be real physical effects in your life which could start within 6 months of the eclipse, give or take. Sometimes the physical effects can start before the eclipse too. Looking at everything it does seem likely the overall theme is ‘start something new!’

Mercury Retrograde is Back

On the 21st, Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus which means there could be issues with misunderstandings and miscommunications. Sometimes travel is adversely affected or there are problems with technology. So do back up all your devices and put everything important in writing.

Mercury Rx is a great help in finishing things that you started before around the 11th of the month. Sometimes people you used to know, come back from the past or you hear some news about someone distant. School or work reunions can sometimes happen. However, things can easily go higgledy piggledy (this is a technical astrological term😂) during Mercury retrograde so it’s not the best time to have important meetings or sign contracts. If you do sign something, you may have to go back and revisit it at a later time as some details are likely to have changed after Mercury turns direct. Situations touched by retrogrades are not the same when the planet begins to move forward again.

Take Care of Unfinished Business

Sometimes there’s a tendency to misplace or lose items, so take care of your valuables. Our sense of timing can also change… time may seem to slow down or we lose track of time more easily under Mercury Rx. There are also unexpected ‘encounters’ or problems from the past come back to resolve… unfinished business needs to be taken care of.

We go through Mercury retrograde 3/4 times a year, so we can all manage it, so I wouldn’t be too concerned, just a little more cautious or attentive to details. On the upside… use this month to recreate your life the way you want it! Bring on those new beginnings!

Wishing you many Autumnal April Blessings! Rose x

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