Tuesday Tarot Live Stream from 9th April 2019

Week from Tuesday 9th April 2019

3 Card Spread of Past, Present and Future

This week if you’re feeling ‘the burn’ it might be due to the fact that Rose had a ‘run on’ the suite of Wands. These are the cards she has drawn for the week…

Free Tuesday Tarot Psychic Prediction from Rose from 9th April 2019

Knight of Wands – The Past

Ready for action, a fiery source of inspiration that might have been delayed in some way. Be patient to fulfil your hopes and dreams. Growth is happening and it takes time to wait for seeds to germinate. Desire to succeed and get ahead with your ideas!

Queen of Wands – The Present

Kitten Prince Harry at the Queen of Wands feet! All about your fiery emotions and inspiration leading to you taking action to get want you want. Action is required in a feminine way. Success is likely if you listen to your feelings.

10 of Wands – The Future

Fiery completion of your project, you are burning with motivation which sees you through to accomplishment. Getting your ideas structured so you can take action to complete.

Psychological Cards – General Energies

Time is going very fast, so you may become very busy in the near future. You could run out of time to achieve what you want, so plan accordingly. A time of transformation as you are growing too big for your current identity.

This is a joyful time of expansion. In the Southern Hemisphere become more reflective and think about your desires and what you need to do to pull it off. If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere then plant seeds now, or if you did that earlier… it will soon be time to harvest. Your passionate ideas will bear fruit soon.

Watch the Video below where it all makes sense! Shared Live on FB and YouTube on Tuesday 9th April 2019. Tuesday Tarot messages with a difference. Don’t forget to turn up your volume!

Author: Rose Smith