Tuesday Tarot Live Stream from 16th April 2019

Week from Tuesday 16th April 2019

3 Card Spread of Past, Present and Future

You’ll know if this is for you, by what you feel… do you get a vibe on any of these cards?

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2 of Cups – The Past

Be careful with your money, this is not the week for frittering away money on unnecessary things. You could be filling your cup up with emotion. Also, you may have a friend who ‘dumps’ a lot of her energy on to you. Be careful that listening to your friends doesn’t drag you down, with all their problems. Make some boundaries and don’t allow friends to use you, it’s up to you to say no… sometimes at least. Be careful signing contracts or legal agreements or signing off on offers which may not be as good as you would like.

Justice – The Present

What goes around comes around. I can see in Spirit those 3 women with their feet in a bath of blood… be careful with friends that you don’t get overly involved in their lives. People carrying blocks on their backs which are burdens. Again, I get legal matters, whatever is fair and right will prevail.

The Sun – The Future

I’m getting travel opportunities over water. The Sun is a very happy card of awareness and light. You just get things how you want them. Consciousness and being able to manifest what you want in your life. This is coming for you if you feel the vibe!

Psychological Cards – General Energies

I drew the Boss background card… time to be ‘boss of the wash’. On top of this card I drew an Inner Card of herding sheep into a yard… maybe not appropriate to tell others what to do however, these cards together suggest you get your own energies in line and organised. Get yourself ready to have a ‘clip’… maybe cut back on something?

What do you feel will be your energy and vibe for the week? Feel free to message us on our Contact Us page to share your thoughts.

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Author: Rose Smith