Tuesday Tarot from 9th January 2018

Week from Tuesday 9th January 2018

Two of Swords

image of woman holding 2 swords representing the 2 of swords tarot card

Now is the time to make a decision that you have been thinking about for a long time. To help you come to a decision, it could help you if you go and spend time in a quiet place so you can listen to the message your inner voice is trying to give you.

Your loyalties could be divided by the decision you have to make. As the Two of Swords card shows with one sword pointed up and one sword pointed down, you are torn between two possible outcomes based on the decision that you make.

At the moment you may be in denial and trying to avoid making a difficult decision. The time will come when you can’t sit on the fence any longer! You will need to remove the veil from your eyes and stand by the decision you make.

The Two of Swords could be indicating that you are trying to decide between two prospective partners and you don’t want to hurt either of them. You could also be struggling with the painful decision to leave a partner. In either case it is best to make your decision and stick to it.

In the workplace you could be asked to take sides in a situation that involves work colleagues. You could see yourself as the mediator between the people involved. In this sort of situation, it is best to keep to yourself and not get involved.

Author: Rose Smith