Tuesday Tarot from 9 June 2015

Week from Tuesday 9 June 2015

Queen of Swords

You have obtained crystal clear clarity about a situation and it has cost you emotionally in the process but at least your mind is clear. You are relying on your head rather than your heart at the moment which is probably the best course of action under the circumstances. Just remember at some time, you will need to come to terms with all of the emotions that you have had to repress to get you to your present situation.

You need to be independent and self-reliant at the moment as you carefully weigh up what course of action to take. Use your intelligence and judgement without letting your emotions get in the way as you decide what to do.

You can cut through confusion now with forthright alacrity. If this doesn’t sound like you, it could be a woman close to you.

Card interpretation by Rose Smith.

image of woman in blue silk dress with a silver sword

Author: Rose Smith