Tuesday Tarot from 8th May 2018

Week from Tuesday 8th May 2018

Nine of Pentacles

image of beautiful woman with the 9 of pentacles

You have reached a time in your life when can enjoy the rewards for all your hard work. Through your past efforts you can enjoy the finer things in life.

You have gathered abundance that now allows you to indulge in activities that you enjoy. It may be beautiful clothes, a special piece of jewellery or a luxurious holiday to allow yourself to be ready for the next step in your life’s path.

Whether it is a creative endeavour or a new business venture you will be ready. The bird symbolizes the self-control and spiritual strength that you have developed during your journey.

You have an appreciation for all things beautiful particularly those that can be found in nature. Walks in a park or through rainforests will re-vitalise you for the future.

Author: Rose Smith