Tuesday Tarot from 7th August 2018

Week from Tuesday 7th August 2018

Six of Cups

image of woman in a green dress in the garden surrounded by the 6 of cups

You may be going through a tough time at the moment. Now is not the right time to start new things whether it be a job or a relationship. Rather, stay with the familiar, family and friends. If you are looking for guidance, an older and wise member of your family could help you.

The Six of Cups shows a swing that you may have used as a child, and a garden that you remember from your childhood. Especially if you are living away from home, this card suggests that now may be a nice time for you to go back to a nurturing environment for a while (such as your family). Those close to you will help you heal and recover from any stress or trauma you may have experienced recently. You will only need to stay in this caring environment for a short time, and then you will be ready to take on the world again!

If you feel drawn to this card, a career in a caring and nurturing role such as childcare or nursing might be for you. This card also indicates that when in a relationship, you like to feel safe and secure with a partner. Often one of you will be the carer, and one will be happy to be cared for.

Author: Rose Smith