Tuesday Tarot from 7 June 2016

Week from Tuesday 7 June 2016

9 of Pentacles

image of beautiful woman with the 9 of pentacles

Your actions have inspired others to dream more, do more and become more. You are a natural leader. Own it! Celebrate your victory , take the front line and honour your achievements.

You are worthy of attention. Your power to manifest goodness, beauty, love and compassion also intuition , creativity , on focused past attentions and work has brought you forward to a level of great achievement admired by others. Feel your power now, and express it through working and living in integrity.

Become your own authority. You have worked very hard, and as a result of this you can prove to society your capacity for strength and knowledge.

Enjoy all the merit, abundance of luxuries and opportunities heading your way soon.

Tarot Card interpretation by Psychic Maria at Absolute Soul Secrets.

Author: Maria