Tuesday Tarot from 7 July 2015

Week from Tuesday 7 July 2015

The Magician

This card indicates you are working well in spirit towards the goals that you want. It is an optimistic and positive omen that what you want is coming your way. You have been transforming lead into gold and soon you will have the rewards that you seek which will give you much happiness.

Now is the time to express your talents, concentrate and take action as the power to transform is with you and active. You might like to do a personal ritual such as lighting candles, writing down any obstacles and burning them under a new moon.

You can now bring Spirit down to Earth and make your dreams come true with the power of your mind and the conviction in your heart. The symbol of infinite eternity is above you showing that you can blend all realms of Spirit and manifest what you want. Go for it!

Card interpretation by Rose Smith.

woman of woman levitating off the floor

Author: Rose Smith