Tuesday Tarot from 6 October 2015

Week from Tuesday 6 October 2015

King of Wands

image of king sitting on throne representing king of wands tarot

Well done. You have really accomplished something quite amazing! You are at the top of the tree and it could be in a creative endeavour or something you are really passionate about.

Your Soul is in control and driving your forward, so listen to your heart’s whispers. You have the energy of visionary leadership about you and others may well see that you can solve problems in unique intention. You respect others and they respect you. You are goal oriented and don’t waste your time on inconsequential pursuits.

Now is ‘your time’ so if opportunities that light your fire come your way, grab them with both hands. The Universe is supporting your experience and creativity. Your determination brings success and people will take you more seriously as your endeavours pay off.

Tarot card interpretation by Rose Smith.

Author: Rose Smith