Tuesday Tarot from 5th December 2017

Week from Tuesday 5th December 2017

Two of Cups

image of two hands entwined around the 2 of cups

Love is in the air. The two of Cups tells us that a loving relationship is on the horizon or if you are already in a relationship it will go to another level. The couple represented on this card are ready to make a deep commitment to each other. You have found your soul mate.

If your current relationship has been on rocky ground lately, the time has come to call a truce and start the healing process. It is time to kiss and make up.

Not in a relationship? The partner you commit to will have a strong spiritual connection with you.

As seen on the card the glasses are held at equal height so there will be equality and acceptance in the relationship. Both of you can maintain your own independence, friends and interests outside the relationship without jealousy raising its ugly head.

This card could also be telling you that you may form a deeper connection with a friend or work colleague.

Author: Rose Smith