Tuesday Tarot from 5 July 2016

Week from Tuesday 5 July 2016


Image of woman using her strength to reach out representing the strength tarot card

Hear the lions roar. Believe in your own inner power.

By facing fear, you became a courageous survivor who faced those unknowable life changes, and recovered by moving forward with pride and integrity.

You can do all things through your guardian angels who love you and protect you from harmful situations ….Believe in this.

Protect yourself and visualise a shield of illuminating white light. By facing your fears you become courageous…that many only dream of becoming. It is ok to walk forth into the unknown. Don’t hesistate.

Defeat the power of fear …replace this energy of fear with peace and just believe in yourself. Your unique powerful heart and soul will radiate out. You are the amazing definition of human strength by your courageous actions.

Don’t waste time and start today. Make that decision or change you have been longing for…..

Tarot Card interpretation by Psychic Maria.

Author: Maria