Tuesday Tarot from 5 January 2016

Week from Tuesday 5 January 2016

Wheel of Fortune

image of naked woman with the wheel of fortune drawn on her back

This is a very important time in your life. The Karmic Wheel is turning and you are developing as a person as a result. This Wheel bestows blessings in many forms, even when they don’t feel positive they are!

Mostly though you will be well aware that things are changing and finally going your way. Now is the time for taking on significant change such as relocating, travelling to another country, starting a new career or an important relationship. You may be surprised what comes up, but take a gamble and see.

If you don’t try you’ll never know so play the Wheel of Fortune and see how you go. Be positive and optimistic as you spin the wheel of life.

Everything is a cycle as life turns in mysterious ways. Just learn to trust yourself more and know that your Soul is in Control!

Tarot Card interpretation by Rose Smith

Author: Rose Smith