Tuesday Tarot from 5 April 2016

Week from Tuesday 5 April 2016

2 of Wands

image of woman holding 2 bats

You’re a king hitter and getting ready to take on the world doing what you want. There’s a fire in your belly and you feel inspired and motivated with new projects and discoveries. There’s a practicality to this card so there are physical energies involved that you are shifting and shaking. Your ideas are being fuelled by the fires of hope and creativity and you have the ability to pull this off.

Sometimes it may seem like a gamble, but this is worth pursuing so go for it with both arms open. You will gain authority and independence from whatever endeavours you are engaged in.

Other people will notice that you are a mover and shaker as you get on with things and achieve much. Well done for having a go!

Tarot Card interpretation by Rose Smith.

Author: Rose Smith