Tuesday Tarot from 4th April 2017

Week from Tuesday 4th April 2017

Five of Pentacles

image of woman surrounded by the four of pentacles

Are you feeling insecure and vulnerable? You may be worrying about financial debts building up, or feel that your health is not quite right at this time. The Five of Pentacles card reminds us that you can’t ignore your debts by simply hoping they will go away. You need to work hard to sort it out.

The stained glass window on this card shows that there are many people or organisations out there who can help you if you are feeling overwhelmed. Don’t be afraid, and don’t let pride get in your way – just ask for help! There are so many kind, generous and professional people out there who can help lighten your burden.

Look after your physical needs too if you are feeling unwell. Make sure you are eating properly and that you are getting enough rest every day.

Remember you are not alone in your struggles and that asking people for help is not a sign of weakness.

Author: Rose Smith