Tuesday Tarot from 4 August 2015

Week from Tuesday 4 August 2015

Knight of Wands

image of woman sitting on a tortoise

Slow and steady wins the race. The inspiration is with you at the moment, however you need to plan and take stock before you set out on your new venture. Energies of the mind, emotions, physicality and spirit must be harmonised and balanced before you achieve what you want. It will take time, but you will get there, just persevere.

Success and opportunity are yours providing you do all the groundwork and don’t rush off in all different directions. Actions speak louder than words, so get all your little duckies in a row and  after all the planning is accomplished, take action. Good luck and well done for getting this far!

An important event might even occur, sometimes quite unexpectedly, so go with the flow and think about all the consequences. You could suddenly move house or job!

Tarot card interpretation by Rose Smith.

Author: Rose Smith