Tuesday Tarot from 31st October 2017

Week from Tuesday 31st October 2017

Queen of Pentacles

image of a woman in a red gown representing the queen of pentacles tarot

Now is the time to set some goals for your future because success is yours if you work hard for it. You can then be financially secure.

You are the type of person who knows what they want from life and you work hard to achieve it. You tend to be very organised and capable in situations where other people get in a muddle.

People often rely on you for practical help and sensible advice. You are a natural nurturer and often become involved in causes or charities close to your heart.

In relationships you need to feel safe and secure. You look for a partner who is loyal and faithful and as committed to you as you are to them. Take your time before committing to marriage as you are only interested in a long term partnership.

The Queen of Pentacles card also shows that family is very important to you too.

Author: Rose Smith