Tuesday Tarot from 31st July 2018

Week from Tuesday 31st July 2018

King of Pentacles

image of a king sitting on throne holding pentacles

The hard times have passed and the future is looking rosy. The pile of money at the King’s feet shows the rewards for all your hard work. The grape vine flourishing also shows abundance is around. If you have an aptitude for financial management, you could be very successful in a career if you chose to follow this field.

This card indicates that it is a good time to reconnect with nature – enjoy spending some time out of the office. Think about including some green space around your home to allow children and pets to run around.

If you are looking for a partner there is a loyal and committed person just around the corner for you. Look forward to being spoilt with lavish gifts, or even talk of an overseas holiday. If you are already in a relationship, it is likely you and your partner will reconnect, sharing your similar values regarding work and family. Both of you work hard while at the office, then chill out once you are home.

Abundance and rewards are coming your way.

Author: Rose Smith