Tuesday Tarot from 31 May 2016

Week from Tuesday 31 May 2016

King of Swords

image of a king sitting on a throne representing the king of swords tarot card

You know what you must do and your mind is made up. It’s not always pleasant to deal with a certain situation, but deal with it you will. Your mind is clear and you know the truth of your situation. You will think logically and calmly first then do what’s necessary, disengage and move forward.

You have the power finally to make an important decision. It’s taken some time for you to become clear in your thinking and to understand what is going on around you, but now you do, forward motion with clear logic is beckoning.

Your mind has dissected the situation with the sword of truth which will allow a better situation with new beginnings to unfold for you. Good luck, a new horizon is on its way to you.

Tarot Card interpretation by Rose Smith.

Author: Rose Smith